Conversations with Grass is Greener + Global Vibe Radio 026

Author : 6AM
January 21, 2015

Conversations with Grass is Greener + Global Vibe Radio 026

New York City based DJ/Producer duo, Grass is Greener, is coming off a busy year touring and producing. They were kind enough to deliver us an exclusive mix for our latest episode of Global Vibe Radio. We caught up with them recently for a quick Q&A to discuss everything from Sullivan Room, what to expect this year, and their studio process when the two sit and collaborate. Be sure to stream and download the episode below and subscribe to our iTunes Channel for monthly guest mixes showcasing the best in house & techno.

How have things been after the closing of Sullivan Room?

EBAR>>We started our first residency there as a duo, so it will be missed, but one door closes and another opens.  It has pushed us out of the comfort zone locally in NYC as DJs.

SR SERGE (aka Sergei Sklyarenko)>>It gave me more time to spend in the studio, focused on production for the Grass Is Greener project.  After making it to the top 10 charts and gaining recognition, we’ve been fortunate to travel the world and showcase our sound in many major cities and clubs

The location at 218 Sullivan will surely be missed. How was your recent Sullivan Room party at Tribeca Studios?  

SR SERGE>>I started these 5 months ago, so 5 successful events later, I’m happy to say that we’ve maintained a similar intimate setting as we had at 218 Sullivan.  Good sound, good people, but it will never be the same as the original 218 vibe.  But you never know where the Sullivan Room brand may resurface…

What are you both looking forward to this year?

EBAR>>Looking to play more varied events.  We really have a sound that works equally well for bottle service as it does for the summer festival.

SR SERGE>>More original production, I may even try to do something random with some Russian vocals!

Can you give us some insight to your studio process when you two are together?  

EBAR>>Listening to a lot of music to get inspired, then looking through notes of music ideas that we’ve taken over time, full of references to older music (mainly obscure 80s tracks), and then laying down some melodic patterns. The best ideas come up in the subway, on the plane, jazz concerts, in the middle of nowhere – so noting thoughts when they occur is important.

What’s on the horizon for Grass is Greener? 

SR SERGE>>Getting quality music out there and sticking to our guns, our musical identity as Grass Is Greener.

Any new releases to look forward to?

EBAR>>We’re currently working on a new EP, a bit tech-house inflected.  Some familiar samples that we think will be floorfillers.  Remixes here and there if we’re feeling the tracks and have the bandwidth.  Our Beatport page is filling up nicely!

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