Conquering the Globe with MILLA LOU

Author : Max Spruill
November 28, 2022

Conquering the Globe with MILLA LOU

MILLA LOU stands for dark and atmospheric techno sounds. Her vision of depth and powerful melodies combined with hard bass and underground vocals blend melodic indie dance with the euphoric feeling of hard raves. Her sets are characterized by specially selected and often ‘already forgotten’ or unknown tracks, which she repurposes in her personal renaissance. However, she also has the prestige to  help herself from the pool of the JAW labels, making her music even more unique.

With constant bookings in Turkey, Amsterdam and other European cities, 2022/23 is MILLA LOU’s year of conquering more continents. And while the world is laying an eye on the sweet queen, the epicenter of techno music is trying to get its’ share as well; Berlin and Istanbul have become a second home base for her. She is resident at the Somnambul party at Kit Kat Club Berlin,  and has ended up playing for 6-8 hours straight a few times with her partner in crime BOHO at Sisyphos – Hammahalle. It’s nights like these, the extended sets and the all-nighters, that are the core of what makes it special.

As well as playing great sets, recently she had a massive impact with her brand new EP with NoNameLeft which is in TECHNO BUNKER + ELECTRONIC RISING playlist, while also reaching #4 via Beatport. Additionally, she belongs to the inner circle of the Jannowitz Records crew, which will be releasing an EP in December with a collab from BOHO & FUKKK OFFF + Maksim Dark & Freudenthal remixes.

In the next few months she will preform in India, Qatar, South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico and more with a big US debut tour planned for mid 2023.

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Riding the momentum as she continues her international conquest, MILLA LOU has a chat with 6AM about her busy bookings schedule, marathon sets with her partner BOHO, and new music she’s been working on to keep your ears open for. MILLA LOU Q&A

Hi there Milla Lou, we’re excited to chat with you today! How are you doing?

Hey there! Very happy to talk to you, thanks for the opportunity!

I’m doing great at the moment, many good things are happening right now.


You’re constantly being booked all across Europe, where has been your favorite place to play so far? Where are some places you haven’t played yet that you’re excited to visit in the near future?

I really enjoy Istanbul, it became a second home for me. I love how the people treat you and how warm-hearted they welcome you and especially support you so much as an artist. There are so many places I want to visit and we are planning many tours for 2023.

Soon I will be in South Africa with my man BOHO for a small tour, having a great time at Pangea Festival. We will stay a bit longer to have a vacation there and calm down from the sometimes stressful life in Germany.

There are many places I haven’t played yet but we will see what the future brings. It’s amazing to have so much support and the opportunity to travel around the world with my music. NYE is going to be in Guatemala. On our plan for 2023 is Bali, Australia, Singapore, North & South America.

I’m excited for every single place I will visit in the future!


You play lots of marathon sets with your partner BOHO, how does it feel to be working with someone whom you’re in a relationship with? Do you think the romance helps bring in a certain spark to your performances? 

I get this question very often. I’ve got many benefits because from him and it’s amazing to share one passion, to travel around together and to have the opportunity to live our life as DJs together. I am so grateful for this! But of course it is not always that easy. I think it is never easy to work with your partner! The most important thing is respect, love and good communication and then nothing can bring us apart.

Many people feel the love and another level of energy when we play together. So yes, romance definitely helps. Our favorite combo is, I start a 6 hour set, then we play 2 hours b2b in the peak and then BOHO finishes it. It’s amazing how we can build up an atmosphere for the people and take them to another universe. That’s why we love to play long sets.MILLA LOU Q&A


You’ve had great success with your recent EP with NoNameLeft and you’re high up there in the Beatport charts, how does this motivate you as a producer? How does this effect the music you make moving forward?

It makes me so happy. It’s still crazy to see numbers this high (we are very close to the 500k with the track ‘Delirium’). It’s very unexpected but it motivates me to keep going and try to push the next releases as high as this one. Also a very new situation for me is that the music is played all around the globe… huge feeling and I am very thankful for that!


You also have an EP coming up in December with JANNOWITZ Records, how does it feel to be in the inner circle of that crew? 

It’s very nice to have partners/friends that show you how different things work in this branche.

December will show 100% my own taste of music. Because I got the chance to collab with BOHO and his buddy, the legendary world known artist Fukkk Offf.
This EP shows different facettes between Indie Dance & groovy Techno with special vocals.
And we invited a two of our favorite artists Maksim Dark & Freudenthal for remixes to round up the EP.

I am very thankful to be in the inner circle of the JAW crew, because I have the opportunity to work with amazing artists!


What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment as an artist during this journey so far? What would be the next big milestone for you in the future?

Actually there are so many great things happening in such a short time.

I have releases with some of my favorite artists. One of them is a collab with BOHO & WATT!, an amazing singer. We already signed the single with Iconyc in April. The other one is with another awesome singer and close friend: Aves Volare.

The next big thing is I am going to play two festival gigs at the Universal Music Stage.

I can tour around the world and see many beautiful places which grows my mind and gets me new inspiration.

I see my last release in the most known official Spotify playlists like Techno Bunker & Electronic Rising. Playing in 6 continents during 2022/23… just amazing, my mind is exploding!


Thanks for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to share?

At this point I really want to thank everybody who believes in me and supports me so I can do what I love. I am so grateful for that! Sending LOVE.

Thanks for the interview!


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