Concentrate While Studying with These 8 Deep House Tracks

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Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 29, 2020

Concentrate While Studying with These 8 Deep House Tracks

For centuries, scientists have been trying to establish a link between the impact music has on our cognitive abilities. In fact, music composed by the Mozart is known to increase the IQ of people ‘vibing’ to his mellow tunes. Further, new studies have shown that certain types of house music have the same effect on the brain, helping students concentrate while studying

Deep house tracks tap into your pleasure hormones such as dopamine, making it easy for you to relax, get focused, and feel great while studying.

So, consider listening to the following deep house playlist online when studying:

“Shadows” by Uppermost

Released back in 2019, “Shadows” is a house track featuring deep beats from the iconic French instrumentalist, Uppermost. The song checks all the boxes with respect to helping you remain focused and interested for long periods while studying. In fact, when writing your essay, consider listening to this track.

Not only will it get you in the ‘zone,’ but it will help you remain interested and relaxed. Once you are done working on your paper, try this essay editing service to increase your chances of scoring a high grade. While studying in college, remember that it is vitally important to seek online help from professional essay editor and editing services Australia.

“Childhood” by KIDSØ

Available on both Spotify and Google Play Music, “Childhood” is a moderately-paced, deep house track by the German outfit Kidso. It is easy to see why such music is ideal for studying. The song, released in 2020, features adlibs from small children singing over soft and harmonious beats. For better concentration and focus, consider listening to Kidso’s Childhood on Spotify.

“Pale Blue” by A.M.R

A.M.R rarely disappoints, and it’s easy to see why. Pale Blue, released in 2019, is a song with relaxing, deep beats. Study music should be soft, inspiring, and draws you to focus more on your goals at hand. That’s exactly what Pale Blue does. While working on your essays, consider listening to this masterpiece from A.M.R for inspiration and concentration.

“Gateways” by Data Rebel and Jani R.

Data Rebel and Jani combined to drop the album Gateways in 2020. Rebel from the UK is a house DJ who has toured all over the world. Jani is a dynamic DJ from Finland. Both these artists combined to create the ideal study music. Gateways, available on Spotify, features tracks punctuated with deep and moderately paced songs. Consider listening to the whole album while burning the midnight oil while studying.

“Valorie” By Gar

GAR, whose official names are George Anthony Rai, is a phenomenal artist. The artist is known for his subtle and iconic electronic sound. His talents have penetrated the modern market by giving the listeners a touch of progressive house music on top of electronic.

The 28-year-old musician has made ripples in the industry by his emotionally charged music. Valorie was released early this year and has gained a lot of traction. This song is perfect for listening to, especially during essay editing.

“Tell Me” By Adon, Together Alone And Emilia Sonate

Adon is a talented artist who is known for his musical prowess. His music can calm and elevate people just by the piano undertones. His work with Together Alone and Emilia Sonate has caused a ripple effect in the pop world. Tell me was only released in 2019 but is highly regarded by its fans to date. Their music is very melancholic and memorable; this makes their songs the best music for concentration.

“Laila Laila” By Laroz Camel Rider

Laroz Camel Rider has mastered the ability to awaken all senses in his listeners. His Israelian background has helped him develop a specific sound that elevates the listeners. His production company produced this song in 2017, but it’s still streamed by many today. “Laila Laila” is good music for studying, given its subtle and calming effect.

“Overtones” By Frost

Overtones is a recent song, released just this year but has created quite a stir in electronic music. For those who need music to concentrate, this s a must-have track on their playlist. Frost has quite the starry presence as he is recognized by the industry heavyweights. BBC Radio 1 and numerous artists in London praise him for his new beats and undeniable talent.


Music soothes and relaxes students and enables them to study without any anxiety or stress. Simply tuning in background music can create a huge variance when studying. The songs listed above will provide motivation and increase endurance. The Mozart effect is undeniable, and with these songs, a student can easily improve their overall performance.