Conan O’Brien Visits Berghain During His Trip To Berlin

Author : Lydia Castillo
September 06, 2016

Conan O’Brien Visits Berghain During His Trip To Berlin


On Sunday, September 4th, comedian Conan O’Brien was spotted in all black outside of the legendary Berghain with his film crew to do a segment on his Conan In Berlin show. He appeared to be questioning people who were leaving the venue.

The Black Madonna was the one to report O’Brien at the location with a now deleted Instagram post with a caption stating, “Husband at Berghain. Sent a photo of Conan O’Brien who is outside doing comedy. Doesn’t he know there’s already a designated Jokeman in this town?”

Although we highly doubt O’Brien was able to make it into the club– with the strict and designated joke-man Sven Marquardt guarding the door, there is no doubt Berghain will make it into the homes of the millions of Americans who watch O’Brien’s show. And since his comedic style is known to be self-depreciating, we hope he paints the full picture of Berghain with more context than it’s solely exclusive and for the queer.

Five minutes at a #Berlin flea market and I fit right in. #ConanBerlin

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The Black Madonna raises a good point in her response to a fan, “I don’t need to know what he’s joking about to know that he’s taking millions of people into a space that is private for a good reason. I’m not humorless about any subject. But turning a space like this into a comedy spectacle for a largely straight American audience with no context other than the club being private and gay is a problem. It’s private for a reason. Taking your selfie out front is one thing. Conan is a comedian that millions of people watch nightly in a country on the verge of having Donald Trump for a president. That context matters.”

We believe it matters too and will find out what the segment was about when this special airs.

O’Brien is not the first celebrity to visit the famous institution. A year ago, Claire Danes expressed her love for techno and Berghain on The Ellen Show.