Compound X Launch Distopic Utopia Records With Powerful “Orderan Born” EP

Compound X Orderan Born
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 24, 2020

Compound X Launch Distopic Utopia Records With Powerful “Orderan Born” EP

Compound X launch the first of two brand new labels, Distopic Utopia Records, with a powerful EP that features their own essential originals as well as remixes from Mike Buhl and DCXH4L.

Distopic Utopia Records will serve as a platform for multidisciplinary artists, DAR aka BROHN aka Brohn Smith – a DJ, producer, remixer and designer who was a former partner in No19 music – and DULUM aka Dave Roberts – a DJ, producer and mixing engineer – who alchemise all manners of experimental techno. Their productions infuse an interpretation of heavy rock inspired techno with subsonic grooves and industrial cinematic scores. After years of playing major festivals and clubs globally and more recently forward-thinking spaces in Paris and Berlin including installation experiments and runway shows, they are celebrated for their infinitely evolving and infectious style.

Opener ‘Black Salve’ is a tense and bleakly atmospheric cut with hypnotic drum programming that is deep, speedy and dubby, while all manner of haunting sounds peel off the groove. ‘Kaleidoscopic Delusion’ is then more streamlined – a dark and alluring techno cut that takes you in a shady tunnel and keeps you there. ‘Seventh Sanctum’ is the last original and a tune that layers up unsettling ambience, distant sounds of automation and heavenly apparitions into a spooky and atmospheric bit of innovative downtempo techno. Listen to our premiere of ‘Seventh Sanctum’ below.

Aussie techno titan Mike Buhl has long been driving his home scene forwards and here he remixes ‘Black Salve’ into a lurching monster, with huge hits and intensely pressurised bass that will blow up any club. Last of all, the mysterious DCXH4L remixes the same cut into perfectly stripped back but dynamic dark techno that rolls and rolls further down the rabbit hole.


1. Black Salve
2. Kaleidoscopic Delusion
3. Seventh Sanctum
4. Black Salve (Mike Buhl Explorer Remix)
5. Black Salve (DCXH4L Astray Remix)

Compound X Orderan Born EP drops on Distopic Utopia Records on 1st April 2020

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