Dubs Acoustic Earplugs by Doppler Labs

Author : Lee Trotter
February 03, 2015

Dubs Acoustic Earplugs by Doppler Labs

dubs with model

When it comes to listening to music, our ears are the most vital assets. Sound, and all it’s complexities, must first pass through our ears before being interpreted by the brain; so shouldn’t we make an effort to protect them? Doppler Labs, the innovative company behind Dubs Earplugs, has developed a revolutionary new earplug that will certainly change the way we think about hearing protection. The best part? It’s available for the low price of $25.

Dubs Earplugs began as one would expect. The company felt there was an immediate need for a reliable and affordable earplug to help reduce hearing loss among music lovers, especially those in the age group of 18-25, which is a demographic of people that are losing their hearing more frequently these days. This was a problem that had to be addressed, and Dubs Earplugs provides the solution.

Unlike many traditional ear plugs that muffle the sound, Dubs Earplugs utilize high and low pass filters to optimize sound quality. The process is easy to understand. The Dubs will accept the incoming frequencies lowering the overall volume by about 12 decibels, and then slightly boost frequencies to compensate for the overall volume decrease. The result is an incredibly high quality earplug that allows individuals to experience lower volume without sacrificing any sound quality. In terms of sound quality Dubs Earplugs exceed expectations, which then led the team to accomplish their second goal of designing an earplug that people would feel comfortable wearing.

dubs ear plugsThere has always been a stigma and taboo about earplugs. Some models were too big or uncomfortable; others just didn’t look appealing at all…we all remember the foam earplug days? Dubs Earplugs has broken this barrier delivering a product that not only sounds amazing, but looks great as well. Made from high quality material, the Dubs Earplugs are incredibly compact and sit very comfortably in ear. Co-founder, Dan Wiggins, stated that Nordstroms.com has the Dubs Earplugs available as a fashion accessory on their online store. When a fashion retailer as prominent as Nordstroms carries your product, you know there isn’t an issue with the style or aesthetics.

The Dubs Earplugs are the first product on the market from Doppler Labs, and after the initial launch a few months ago it seems to be gaining a tremendous amount of traction in the community. Protecting our ears is essential if we plan on enjoying music for as long as we hope to, and with the Dubs Earplugs available at a price of $25 there is no excuse to not protect our ears. An affordable earplug like this was essential, and we have the team at Doppler Labs to thank for such a great innovation. For more information about Dubs, visit the links below.

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