Colombian Label From A Lost Place Releases V/A Compilation Fundraiser for COVID-19 with Fjäder, Forest On Stasys, Polygonia

From A Lost Place
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May, 15 2020

Colombian Label From A Lost Place Releases V/A Compilation Fundraiser for COVID-19 with Fjäder, Forest On Stasys, Polygonia

From the need to contribute and relieve a little the social and economic problem that is currently being experienced in Colombia due to the emergency of COVID-19, Launaea, founder of From a Lost Place has brought together local and international artists who have joined the cause to, through music, try to help the most vulnerable. The release features music from Launaea, Red Noise, Merino, Zemög, Efe Ce Ele – Music & Trans-Media , oo , Adhémar, Fjäder, Daniel Danieli, How to levitate, Kyntral, Korridor, Doctrina Natura, Forest On Stasys, and Polygonia.

100% of the money raised on Bandcamp and Formaviva platforms will be donated in two parts: One for Santa Cruz del Islote, an artificial island located in the San Bernardo archipelago and considered one of the most populated islands in the world, which It sustains itself economically through tourism and now finds itself with a lack of food and medicine supplies. The other part will go to the Fundación Rediseñándonos, located in Bogotá and whose initiative is the reintegration of vulnerable people and street dwellers through weaving and clothing. Right now and due to the current situation, this home needs to stock up on food and raw materials to continue working for those who need it.

Support the release via Bandcamp or Formaviva.

Enjoy the exclusive premiere of Fjäder’s track below, an ambient piece that wholly underscores her captivating love for monotone, droney techno.

More About Fjäder

Fjäder aka Ida Matsdotter, is a Sweden based artist and producer. Influenced by shamanism, science, astrology and forces of nature, Fjäder has developed a deep hypnotic enthralling sound of her own.
Besides the devotion for the monotone vibe of techno, her palette ranges further. Inspired by the surroundings, she moves between black and doom metal influences to ambient, including features such as poetic elements, vocals and field recordings.

Regardless of genre, it is fascinating the way Fjäder connects nature and technology. How she perceives vibrations in universe and transform them into new soundscapes by playing with frequencies, textures, layers and filters.

Through her music Fjäder creates new dimensions and realities. The listener get caught directly, the mind looses track of time and space, floating around in new directions, but when least expecting it, the listener wakes up from the hypnosis and reaches consciousness.

Expanding the universe of minds, Fjäder also has the gift of reaching out and connect to the listener when playing. Using the glow and passion for music, she creates a unique vibe present throughout her set.

Regardless of style, DJ- or live set, Fjäder clearly shows the musician inside her, always true to her own heart, she pushes herself and reaches new levels by experimenting with filters, energies, atmospheres, moods, genres and temper. Amazed by vibrations and the broad repertoire, the listener gets caught in motion, trapped and released simultaneously, from beginning until end.

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