CME Pro Working on a Cable-Free Home Studio with Lossless Audio

Cable Free Home Studio
Author : Max Spruill
January 13, 2023

CME Pro Working on a Cable-Free Home Studio with Lossless Audio

CME Pro. have just completed the third phase of their Instant Wireless Audio (iWA) project, making it easier to create a cable-free home studio with lossless audio.

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The so-called “MIDI experts” have introduced a range new MIDI solutions that they claim “break down the barriers between smart devices and traditional MIDI hardware”

The iWA project follows the 2019 launch of WIDI core: a virtual MIDI cable that allows you to add Bluetooth to your instruments and controllers for wireless communication of 24-bit/48kHz audio in lossless stereo. CME Pro claims it is “the most advanced Bluetooth MIDI technology available”.

The creator of “Advanced Wireless MIDI Solutions”, CME Pro has reached the third phase of its new community-supported project, iWA. The project comprises a series of product concepts, monitors and headphones, which will let you send and receive 24-bit/48kHz audio in lossless stereo wirelessly using WIDI Core.

The first phase of the iWA project resulted in a pair of wireless studio monitors and wireless studio headphones that could receive lossless audio with the second phase conceiving a separate transmitter/receiver (TX/RX). The incoming third phase aims to offer solutions to connect an entire studio wirelessly.

“Imagine your complete home studio cable-free. Wirelessly connect your operating system to your monitor speakers. Play and record wirelessly through your headphones and microphone. Add the sounds of your synths and keyboards and record in high quality without latency,” they write.

Watch a WIDI explainer video below and find out more via the CME Pro site here.

In 2021, Apple Music added lossless mode at no extra cost while also offering support for Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos, a kind of 3D sound that was introduced in AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. An ALAC (Apple Lossless) recording is a little more than half the size of the original recording, compared to the MP3 or AAC, which is about a quarter of the size.

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The launch of Spotify’s new high-quality version of their streaming service, Spotify HiFi, has been delayed indefinitely.

Originally reported by DJMag.