Club Indigo’s “Supernatural Love” Shows Healing Through Music

Club Indigo's Supernatural Love
Author : Daisy Magana
February 12, 2021

Club Indigo’s “Supernatural Love” Shows Healing Through Music

Club Indigo’s “Supernatural Love” is the electronic producer’s debut EP, and she’s accompanied it with a short film. The visual representation of her “Supernatural Love” shows music’s powerful effect on the healing journey. The debut EP also features vocalist and lyricist Chloe Demetria from the nu-disco duo Plasty.

Club Indigo wrote, produced, and mixed the 14-minute composition full of eclectic-house music vibes accompanied with melodic and harmonic vocals atop. Using the TC Helicon vocal processor, Chloe Demetria of Plasty harmonizes and manipulates her vocals to give her voice unique layers and depth in each song. Club Indigo used Ableton Live and a MIDI keyboard to compose all of the musical elements including the drums, bass, and melodies.

The film is dedicated to my mother, an angel who left this earth shortly before this film was made.

To anyone who has a lost a loved one, this film is also dedicated to you and your healing process. To the supernatural love inside us.

-Sarah (Club Indigo)


WATCH: Club Indigo’s “Supernatural Love”

The concept of the short film is of two characters, Chloe and Jacob – Jacob being a figment of Chloe’s imagination. Chloe is searching for something throughout the film; only to find she’s been searching for herself the entire time. The film includes captivating performances from local choreographers, dancers, and visual artists. “Supernatural Love” contains visual motifs as well including a Bollywood dancer symbolizing the element in your life forcing you to face yourself. An indigo-colored bandana displaying the artist’s logo serves as the short film’s main motif. The symbol behind this is left open-ended; however, a lyric in the song points to it perhaps being the “supernatural love inside us.”

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About Club Indigo

Before launching her Club Indigo project in 2018, Sarah played Ableton/bass in an electronic band called Naiswan from 2010 to 2015. Prior to that, under the alias Sarah B she DJ’ed Coachella in 2010 and 2011 after winning a DJ contest for Global Inheritance. The name Club Indigo comes from the idea of being an indigo child and spotlighting the color frequency for the third eye chakra. Her mission statement is “to uplift the community with music and dance.”

Supernatural Love EP

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