Clinic Wednesdays Winter Club Healing with January and February Lineup

Author : Jennifer Liu
January 05, 2016

Clinic Wednesdays Winter Club Healing with January and February Lineup

1488068_1935180020040372_7756851956003793120_nKick off 2016 at the Clinic with two months of well-curated acts set in stone for the rest of winter. Clinic Wednesdays is bringing a proper readjustment from the psychedelic madness that was New Year’s weekend, including Minimal Effort and the follow-up cortical gymnastics recovery party at Couture.

For the next two months Clinic Wednesdays will bring a crew of illustrious talent spanning house and techno vibes, starting off with a two year anniversary celebration with Hector of Vatos Locos. Have a listen at this parade of mixes on us, and be sure to join us at the Clinic to dance off the cold.

January 7: Clinic Wednesdays with Hector

0L_l-oQOEcc08FUusm74afgRLi1vaiEAJjAXY7VCGLEVatos Locos head honcho will open 2016 with a squeeze of groove and a slice of funk, setting the mood with atmospheric and meditative tech.

January 13: Clinic Wednesdays with Gardens of God

KkSRUgaMBxkcRbu-7eFaMKFJ9HyjBB1RrU91jbRjPY8Gardens of God takes on Maceo Plex’s Ellum imprint with gusto, producing mixes that are cosmically distant and primal to the core.

January 20: Clinic Wednesdays with Adam Port

2GA7R15sU-72Jxm8eEG3q1PmsAXao0zfOoRGp-MMRP4The German househead enjoys throwing down some classic beats with a heavier twist and hint of techno flavor.

January 27: Clinic Wednesdays with Hobo

4Ytf296LR9DYDgtjENfkOZtiyWZTVkEse7eLTno1V5kDeep and more than reasonable, Hobo is minimal and consistent in reductive presentation.

February 3: Clinic Wednesdays with Eagles & Butterflies

GSByT86Y2NhY0h1TKXq_Iya6pvnQ8haiRhonhf6OSlEA full-fledged gypsy and musical chameleon, Eagles and Butterflies manifests the heart of Innervisions through an aural journey on the decks.

February 10: Clinic Wednesdays with Blancah

-LaOUmp-_blgOTGwi3_TLrC4aA1U9b7YeGyG7NVHOREEthereal and driving, Blancah blends elements of darkness and lightheartedness in her wonderland’s interpretation of techno.

February 17: Clinic Wednesdays with Terry Francis

QDC0Jj0A48Gpq558RLnkLIxratxqUbl68BxkOI0W5CkTerry Francis pumps those drums like no other, pushing the body into a dancing frenzy with the consummate allure of techno.

February 24: Clinic Wednesdays with Marco Faraone

_kC2H_lTrVT2uIGmNTD58rAJNYTidcYeBgmxD2gJo64Filthy good sounds playing charades as the clean board of minimal tech is what makes Marco Faraone one of a kind.