Claire Danes on the “Berghain experience” with Ellen Degeneres

Author : Victor Arellano
October 01, 2015

Claire Danes on the “Berghain experience” with Ellen Degeneres


“Clubbing” is not such a simple term to the modern day club goer anymore. With the explosion of dance music, there are different clubs that cater to different people who enjoy different types of club music (some more general, and some more specific). Within the realm of Hollywood and actors, you’d expect it’s people to be driving up in a limousine with a big VIP table waiting with some fine bottles of sparkling champagne and cognac at the centerpiece of the table. For Hollywood actress Claire Daines, her times at Berghain with “naked people” dancing and covered in vanilla ice cream is, well, that’s just another typical Berghain experience for her.

Berghain, for those of you who may not know, is legendary techno club located in Berlin, Germany. It’s corridors and entree are sacred to those who indulge in the underground techno music that blast from it’s speakers for days straight. All types of people from around the world, and as we’ve found out from Ellen Degeneres’s show this week, even TV stars travel around the world for the phenomena of what is “The Berghain Experience”.

Coming from a Hollywood background, you wouldn’t expect Golden Globe and Emmy winning actress Claire Danes to be dabbling to far from the nearest Starbucks on Beverly Blvd. But as we see from this clip aired earlier this week, she’s not only into “good techno music”, she enjoys seeing the other interesting sights and experiences that we rarely get to hear about from people who’ve had the privilege of entering this “kinky” and mysterious building.