Chris Stussy to Play Desert Air Festival & Shares Personal Selects

Author : Skylar Schossberger
December 06, 2021

Chris Stussy to Play Desert Air Festival & Shares Personal Selects

One of house music’s most exciting names is Chris Stussy. The Dutch producer, DJ and Up The Stuss label boss is coveted for his banging tracks and eclectic sets. You can catch Stussy in California December 1o and December 11. He’ll be performing at Desert Air Festival alongside artists like DJ Koze and Peggy Gou. In honor of the occasion, Stussy has compiled an exclusive selection of his favorite tracks that he’s played during sets around the globe.

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Archie Hamilton – Waisted (Silverlining Remix) [MTD001]

This track was actually the first track that I played when we came out of lockdown in the Netherlands. It was a beach party at Colorado Charlie and when the bass line came in there was such a good crowd response. Since that moment it never left my bag. Big remix by Silverlining!

Listen to “Waisted” (Silverlining Remix) here.

Montei – Serie 1 [OGE015]

This one has a special vibe: acid groove, mega break. Ever since I played it in Shelter during ADE I was amazed by how big this track actually sounded. It was the track of the night for me.

Listen to “Serie 1” here.

Denia – Ibiza (El Mix Sunset)

Reminds me of warm summer days… We lost two Ibiza seasons and I am really hoping we can get back to the island in 2022 to have a wonderful season together.

Listen to “Ibiza” (El Mix Sunset) here.

James Andrew – Dream Cycle [TSOL001]

Great underground vibe by James Andrew, I am always a sucker for deep chords and he nailed it on this track. Played it a lot and will continue to do so in my deeper sets.

Listen to “Dream Cycle” here.

Stussko – Brothers & Sisters [Bandcamp]

Djoko and myself made this fun track just before the summer and it came by surprise. It was one of the most requested tracks of the summer. Having fun in the studio together and this was the result!

Listen to “Brothers & Sisters” here.

Mant – Raindance [WHTNXT]

My opening track at Fabrik in Madrid a few weeks ago. I didn’t expect that the track would give so much energy, but the simplicity literally blew me away! Such a great vibe.

Listen to “Raindance” here.

Martha Wash – Carry On (Tee’s Dub)

I closed with this track at Pacha in Barcelona a few weeks back, the lights went on and the people came closer to each other. Was a truly magical moment. And, I was actually playing a different version that has been edited by Michel de Hey and he was so kind to give me that special version.

Listen to “Carry On” (Tee’s Dub) here.

Duowe – Hallucinogenics [TESS012]

Super old school sounding track by Duowe. Playing this a lot in my sets and it goes down very well every time! I might play this one at Desert Air, I’ll bring it with me for sure.

Listen to “Hallucinogenics” here.

Courtesy of Alexia van der Meijden

Sweely – Bring It On

As the title says, bring it on…! This one makes me smile. Super vibe!

Listen to “Bring It On” here.

Chris Stussy & S.A.M. – Breather [UTS04]

The A-side of the project I did together with S.A.M. – was such a pleasure working with him on all eight tracks, but this is the track I’ve played the most and gets the best reaction. 90’s vibes and it has a recognisable melody for everyone to understand on the dance floor. Will definitely bring this one with me to Palm Springs!

Listen to “Breather” here.
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