Check Out These Budget-Friendly Festivals

Budget-friendly festivals
Author : Daisy Magana
December 13, 2019

Check Out These Budget-Friendly Festivals

Attending music festivals can quickly add up. Car, food, hotel and not to mention any on-site expenses can leave a hole in your pocket. So, how do you find budget-friendly festivals? Viberate, a music database startup, analyzed the most popular festivals around the world to see which provide the best musical experience for your money. For those that made the cut, you would pay less than 1€ (roughly about one U.S. dollar) per artist. Compared to the others, European festivals were the more budget-friendly; especially if you’re able to get time-limited special offers or buy Early Bird tickets.

Here are six festivals that will give you the most bang for your buck, and check out some of our tips to keep your wallet happy during festival season. Sziget (Hungary) welcomes more than 400 artists, and if you buy the cheapest 7-day ticket you pay right under a dollar per artist. Exit takes place in Serbia and has more than 500 artists. For this festival, you only pay about 30 cents per performance making it the festival with the best value for your money. Tomorrowland (Belgium); Untold Festival (Romania); Primavera Sound (Spain) and Mysteryland (Netherlands) are other options that provide the most return when comparing line-up and ticket fee.

Cost calculations are based on an Early Bird ticket for the entire festival (without camping). Most of these festivals last for three to four days, with the exception of Sziget (it lasts an entire week) and the price for Tomorrowland is for one of the two weekends. Looking for Early Bird deals or special offers is a great way to secure the best price. Avoid paying higher fees at different tiers and keep a lookout months well in advance. Also, make sure you get your tickets from a reliable source. Trust only official sellers since there are a lot of scammers selling counterfeit tickets.

The Top Budget-Friendly Festivals

Primavera Sound’s sells at 150€ (almost the same in American dollars). It offers a mixture of Electronic music, Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop in Barcelona during June. For a week in August, an island on the Danube River in Budapest hosts Sziget, which is similarly diverse when it comes to genres. Tickets with special prices go on sale for a 24-hour period – if you missed the date, they’ll cost you an additional 50€.

Exit’s prices depend on the country you’re from, but it will normally cost you around 110€. Electronic acts account for about 60 percent of the lineup while the rest are mostly Hip Hop and Rock.

Bringing in a whopping 678 artist line-up, Tomorrowland spans the course of two weekends in July. While the price for the festival might not be as high as similar festivals around the world, the tickets sell out in less than an hour. The first batch of pre-sale tickets are normally released for the Belgian market, and then they go international. Make sure you don’t miss the date to pre-register. Even though the festival has branched out into other genres, it’s still predominately Electronic.

Untold, a four-day long festival at Cluj Arena also offers pre-registration and covers House, Techno and Trance. It also features artists within the Hip Hop and Pop genres as well. Mysteryland is another predominantly electronic festival in August. It invites party animals to navigate its paths around dance floors, ponds, rivers and forests. If you missed the earliest call, count in another 30€.

Food & Drinks

Once in South and Southeast Europe, food and drinks are fairly affordable. At Exit, a decent meal totals about 8€ (eight dollars). An entire lunch not just a slice of pizza. What’s a festival without beer? We did a little calculation for you. Wonder how many bottles you get for 6€? Beer prices may vary depending on the brand, so we took the average cost per 0.5l into account.

Did somebody mention free tickets?

Volunteering is a great way to get into a festival for free. Most festivals need volunteers for all kinds of jobs, and they provide free admission, food and drinks in return. Don’t forget, volunteer positions fill up quickly, so sign up as early as possible.