Check Out Photos of Burning Man’s 747 Jumbo Jet Nightclub

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 02, 2016

Check Out Photos of Burning Man’s 747 Jumbo Jet Nightclub

BM Jumbo 747 2

Burning Man is surely no stranger to impressive art installations, crafty music stages, outstanding music lineups and unique scenescapes. However, this year’s Black Rock City reunion has been featuring a massive and brand-new guest, a full Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet art cart project housing a mobile lookout bar, lounge and even a nightclub.

The impressive structure was organized by the Big Imagination Foundation, who employed the help of a small team mechanics, architects, welders, and electricians across the space of several months to salvage the abandoned 1985 Boeing 747 commercial jet for what has been dubbed as the “largest moving art experience ever made.”

BM JUmbo 747

Big Imagination’s art plane is approximately 135′ long, 64′ wide, and 34′ tall, having been stripped of its original interior and re-imagined for perfect Playa use. Attendees at this year’s Burning Man have been able to experience this unique art installation at several locations, as the plane is being dragged around day and night  by a 48,000-pound aircraft tug car—one of the tractor-like vehicles you see escorting giant planes from their gate before takeoff.

BM Jumbo 747 3

The project’s creators have gone beyond making this a visual project, asking boarding passengers to create an “Emotional Baggage Tag” with personal answers to the question, “What baggage do you need to lose?” Coupled with a boarding pass question asking, “Where are you going?” Burners will be posting the answers on the wall alongside others’, adding a psychological element to the already visually-stimulating experience.

BM Jumbo 747 gif

Didn’t make it to the Playa this year? There’s still time to watch the live stream, and to contribute to the release of Big Imagination Foundation’s VR application, which aims to allow people to enjoy the 747 experience from anywhere in the world. You can get involved by assisting with the foundation’s crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo or via Big Imagination Foundation’s website.

H/T: The Creator’s Project