In Interview with LX Music Festival Founder Steve Pimenta

Lisbon festival LX Music is all set to bring plenty of quality underground names to the local scene this December, which explains why we selected it as one of 8 key festival escapes you should consider this winter! From 13th-15th, they take over the Pavillion of Parque das Naçoes, which is a vast space on the Tagus River with striking design and stunning views.

Bringing the sounds will be the likes of Paul Kalkbrenner (live), Marcel Dettmann, Art Department, Recondite (live), RØDHÅD, Wehbba and many more, at LX Music you can rely on first rate production given the huge experience of the team behind the festival. LX Music have been putting on these sort of events for more than 15 years now and so really know how to make a good time vibe.

Ahead of that we speak with LX Music Founder and promoter Steve Pimenta for an insight into what to expect.

Tickets & info for LX Music can be found HERE.

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Premiere: Mark Greene Unleashes Three Originals on “Funk’n Deep Black” With Latest EP

Premiere: Hector Couto Remixes Manu Gonzalez & Shaf Huse’s “Bring Back” For The Launch Of Question Reality

Premiere: Husky Drops “Only One Way” on Bobbin’ Head in collab with Brazen, Uniquely Remixed by Michael Gray and Simon Field.

Husky drops Only One Way on Bobbin’ Head this August: an impressively produced choral number, uniquely remixed by Michael Gray and Simon Field.

Husky has bound his DJ abilities with relentless production skills just perfectly, also teaming up with old music mate Yogi on collaborative projects Random Soul and Random Soul Recordings. This year he has released a plethora of tracks within the house music family on the likes of SLK and Motive and a bunch on his own projects Random Soul and Bobbin Head.

“Only One Way” is an uplifting track with beautiful harmonized vocals by Brazen layered on top of warm synths; intercepted by several high pass filtered breakdowns that give the track a mysterious edge.

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Premiere: 67 Tracks, 22 Exclusives and 3 Mixes Comprise Toolroom Records’ 2019 Ibiza Compilation

Over the last few months, the amount of quality music released, unearthed and championed by Toolroom has been, quite frankly, ridiculous. So in a break from tradition, the UK’s finest electronic music imprint has announced a second volume of its coveted Ibiza compilation.

Toolroom’s Ibiza compilations are already stuff of legends, responsible for soundtracking thousands of music fans’ summers both on and off the White Isle. But this year there was simply too much music to put out just one collection, so for anyone craving another dose of beats, basslines, poolside anthems and club-ready cuts, summer 2019 is looking up.

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Karabine: My Top 5 French Techno Tracks

Citizen Records, run by the artist formerly known as Vitalic, link with unique vinyl pressing service Diggers Factory to present a new EP from Karabine, a fresh project from a seasoned French producer.

This new pseudonym is to allow the artist to make music free from any genre constraint and explore electronic, techno, IDM, industrial, breaks, ambient and whatever else, often with influences from British artists such as Aphex Twin, Luke Slater and Daniel Avery. There is a maturity to his music, which is made using hardware machines, and it comes with a real intensity and personality that mixes up restrained violence, industrial tones and raw melodies.

After this debut 12″, Karabine is set to release an album later in the year. This first part of the story, though, is already mightily impressive.

On demand pressing service Diggers Factory believe that vinyl records are the best way to consume and value music, so they offer two solutions. First, funding projects allow any artist or label to produce records without spending any money—all that is required is a minimum amount of pre-orders and Diggers Factory manage the rest including pressing, mastering, distribution, logistics. Secondly, they run Limited Edition projects where they work with renowned artists on original projects and reissues of forgotten or unexpected albums.

With his Octobre Rouge EP now out since the beginning of the month, we asked Karabine to share his five favorite French techno tracks.

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Premiere: Sabo’s Sol Selectas Releases Annual Summer Sol Compilation With 25 Tracks Embracing World Culture

Once a year on the date of the summer solstice Sol Selectas release their annual Summer Sol compilation to celebrate the years longest day of sunshine.

Blending eloquent melodies with earthy percussion, this release covers a diverse section of sub-genres ranging from melodic house to low slung electronica. Compiled over a twelve month period by label owner Sabo, the fourth edition in the series features 25 tracks including artists such as Zuma Dionys, Amentia, Dandara, Canson, Mark Alow, Mass Digital, Gabriel Belmudes, Robbie Akbal, plus many others.

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