Saad Ayub Pays Homage to Amsterdam Nightclub “Shelter” With Latest EP

The annual Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is upon us, and today Toronto’s Saad Ayub will be dropping his Shelter EP ahead of the hectic week of panels, meetings, events, mixers and incredible music. This four-track EP, is Saad’s ode to the conference week, with the title track dedicated to the infamous Shelter nightclub located in the basement of the A’DAM Tower.

Debuting his newfound love and productions of melodic techno, Saad’s creations are hypnotizing dance-floor worthy pieces of art, ready to take you to a higher consciousness.

‘Shelter’, the title track of the EP, is the second collaboration between Saad Ayub and Andy Teixeira; it is a melancholic piece of melodic techno with a dynamic arpeggiated climax.

‘Réveille’ is a dark, moody techno track characterized by its use of vocal chops and a room-filling stab lead.

‘Face to Face’ is a driving techno track with a progressive influence, complete with ominous floating pads, and a throbbing bassline.

‘This’ is a tribal-flavoured techno track, featuring a battery of syncopated drums and a hypnotizing vocal.

We grabbed a chat with Saad to talk about the EP and the influences behind it.
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In Interview with Nico Morano

Nico Morano is considered to be one of the biggest names in the Belgian House music scene. Morano plays a minimum of 100 gigs a year in Belgium alone. His blend of deep, melodic house with a strong emotional touch has been picked up by many. He’s played at highly respected clubs such as La Rocca, Café D’Anvers, Fuse and Ampere to praised festivals such as Paradise City Festival or Tomorrowland where he’s hosting his own stage.

Internationally his sound is getting picked up as well, since he started releasing more regularly in 2018 with EP’s on labels like Selador, EIN2, Days Like Nights, Click Records or his own outlet Atmosphere Records. He received support for his latest tracks of names like Kölsch, Joris Voorn, Solomun, Sasha, Kevin De Vries, Frankey & Sandrino, etc.

2019 has undoubtedly been his best year yet with some crazy performances at Tomorrowland and Paradise City Festival over the Summer which was quickly followed up by his EP release alongside Tom Zeta on Katemukke imprint. Soon Nico will be unveiling his very first release on the soon-to-launch Ontourage label. Most recently Nico hosted the sixth Ontourage livestream which saw him feature at Liege’s St. Guillemins station, re-watch that here.

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In Interview with Rahaan

DJ Rahaan’s outstanding skills behind the decks have catapulted him from the Chicago underground circuit onto the international playing field from Japan, Australia, Europe and across America.

With a staple set of releases and remixes on the likes of Fourplay Records, Midnight Riot, Classic, 4 To The Floor, Lumberjacks In Hell and many more, his new single with Angel-A, ’True To Myself’, hails the debut release of Liverpool Disco Festival’s new label LDF Recordings.

6AM checked in for a chat…

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In Interview with Reduce Records’ Ben Vedren and Leiris

The new Reduce Records release from Ben Vedren comes with a classy Leiris Remix. Two groover for all minimal techno lovers, courtesy of two French producers whose minimal sound has been long influenced by some of the greatest in the genre.

We caught up with both to discuss the release, their collaborative spirit and their journey launching Reduce Records.

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