Technics Have Announced New DJ-Focused SL-1200 MK7 Turntable

Technics unveiled a new, DJ-oriented version of its famous SL-1200 turntable, the MK7, at CES in Las Vegas yesterday.

During the release event, the company went so far as to label the new SL-1200 MK7 turntable as, “the first new standard DJ turntable in approximately nine years.”

According to Technics parent company Panasonic, the new all-black turntable differs from the previous SL-1200 model in that it features a new coreless direct drive motor and reverse playback capability, as well as “other sound-enhancing technologies.”

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10 Key Music Business Fundamentals Inspired By Gandhi

Devotion. Passion. Drive. These are just some of the qualities exemplified by Mahatma Gandhi through his works and teachings.

Gandhi faced what appeared to be insurmountable mountains in his life, but he taught us that by practicing peace over power living in harmony we can find ways to reconcile our differences despite the odds we may be facing.

Hisham Dahud, author at Hypebot, realized that Gandhi’s teachings can be applied to the world of music business, especially considering how, as an independent artist in today’s highly saturated music space, the odds aren’t exactly in your favor either.

Read on for a list of 10 key music business fundamentals inspired by Gandhi’s work.

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10 Ways Event Promoters and Dance Music Fans Can Improve Dance Floors Together

The dance floor is a sacred place, a sanctuary where people can find refuge from the vicissitudes and personal problems they are facing in their every-day life.

The overwhelmingly vast majority of ravers look forward to being on a dance floor to let go of their problems for a few hours and hopefully dance to music they both enjoy and find conducive to their intention of detaching from “real life.”

However, this movement of liberation, freedom and expression through dance and music can at times be marred by a minority few who don’t understand the purpose and ethos of our scene. We have all been there, getting barged or stepped into by people obnoxiously dancing or moshing into your own personal space, or blinded by the annoying flash of a smartphone camera for the sake of an Instagram story. Or worse even, we have all either been victim of or know of someone who has been physically or verbally harassed at a dance music event.

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How Much Does Working In The Music Industry Really Pay?

When people hear about the music industry, they immediately think about rock stars or DJs rolling around in millions. While that could be the case, artists aren’t the only ones with all the dough. Comparing salaries in the music business tends to be second nature to those involved, but the average Joe often forgets the other side of the DJ booth, music studio or performing stage. Behind the scenes is where the crew is and people don’t factor in the difficulty of their jobs and just how much money they can make.

There are a lot of people who are part of the music industry. Below we will be showing you the various salaries of the artists and their crew through a series of graphics posted by Billboard.

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Was Spotify Hacked? User Credentials Leaked Online


A list of Spotify account credentials for hundreds of users was leaked to the website Pastebin in what seems to be either a security breach or a leak from the inside. These details include usernames, passwords, emails, and other account info – a number of users are reporting that their accounts were targeted as a result. Some cited changes to their music preferences, while others claimed they were unable to log in to their accounts as their passwords had somehow been changed.

As an anonymous victim reported In a statement to Tech Crunch, “I suspected my account had been hacked last week as I saw ‘recently played’ songs that I’d never listened to, so I changed my password and logged out of all devices.”

This would neither be the first nor the second breach that Spotify has encountered thus far, so we can’t be 100% sure whether the data come from a new breach or was previously acquired and just leaked recently. Either way, it is definitely be possible that there are many more account credentials that may be leaked in the future.

Asked about the incident, a spokesman denied allegations that Spotify was attacked :

“Spotify has not been hacked and our user records are secure. We monitor Pastebin and other sites regularly. When we find Spotify credentials, we first verify that they are authentic, and if they are, we immediately notify affected users to change their passwords.”

The page with the leaked information is dated April 23, although statements from many affected users indicate that the issues began last week. Some also said they received emails on Sunday, telling them that their passwords had been changed. As another user explained, “I was definitely hacked and later tried googling ‘Spotify hack news’ last night to no avail… I noticed it last night when I opened Spotify on my phone and saw someone was using my account somewhere else.”


In order to protect the victims, we must refrain from posting a link to the Pastebin page to protect the victims (as many other sources have done). However, we will post a screenshot with all personal data censored out. Please remain on high alert if you notice that your account has been suspiciously accessed, especially if you’ve linked Spotify with your social media pages or you use the same password to log in to other websites. Several users have even reported suspicious activity on their Skype, Facebook, Uber, and even bank accounts. Even if your account was not tampered with, we highly recommend that you change your password immediately – better safe than sorry!


Apple, Dubset Partner Up To License Streaming Mixes

dubset media holdings

As the world of streaming becomes increasingly competitive, largely due to market saturation and legal action on behalf of artists and labels, each company is looking for a leg-up to bring in paid subscribers. It seems as if Apple Music will be taking the metaphorical cake for the time being; the company has just entered into a partnership with Dubset Media Holdings, which will allow Apple to stream unlicensed DJ mixes and bootleg remixes. Launched in 2015, Dubset has developed and refined their MixBank technology,which analyzes tracks and mixes to identify the samples and songs used, for the purpose of distributing royalties to the (often multiple) copyright owners. MixBank also allows copyright holders to blacklist certain tracks or set limits on how often they can be used.

apple music

“You’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars,” Dubset CEO Stephen White explained in a statement via International Business Times. “This is a huge day not only for the music industry, but also for DJs across the globe. We’re very, very proud to be able to support that community.” This is a big day for DJs and producers alike – the former can have their mixes heard without fear of takedowns or legal action, and the latter can finally be compensated for their works that have always been sampled left and right.

Soundcloud: ‘Time For Everyone To Pay Up’

soundcloud banner

The days of SoundCloud as a free music sharing and listening service are coming to an end, and have been for quite some time. The service, which boasts millions of users (both fans and musicians) and a nearly unlimited stream of music, has been plagued by several issues recently. Firstly, new licensing deals with major labels require enormous monetization, but the company has quickly been bleeding cash. Allison Moore, an “experienced digital executive,” has been brought on board as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) in the weeks leading up to a much-dreaded paid launch. Fresh off a General Manager position for NBC-Universal’s TV Everywhere streaming service, Moore has also held upper-management positions at HBO and Cablevision. In a recent statement, Alex Ljung, CEO and co-founder of SoundCloud, announced that:

“Alison is an innovative and strategic leader with a proven track record of building consumer business strategies that drive new revenue growth across multiple platforms. Most importantly, she has an understanding of both the complexities of SoundCloud’s business, and the content and entertainment industries, having spent the majority of her career building businesses, products and experiences that deepen consumer engagement with extraordinary content. We’re thrilled to have Alison heading up what will become a monetization engine of global scale.”
soundcloud allison moore
tidal logo square

TIDAL Facing Another Lawsuit Over Royalties

jay-z tidal white

TIDAL, Jay-Z’s streaming service, which launched in 2015, is fighting yet another legal battle. This time, Yesh Music and John Emanuele have filed a $5 million class-action suit, alleging that TIDAL has been streaming 116 songs by The American Dollar (Emanuele’s band), neglecting to pay any royalties. According to documents that Entertainment Weekly has obtained, the plaintiffs (Yesh and Emanuele) allege that TIDAL “created its now 25 million track library by dumping all of the music from independent artists into the TIDAL Music Service without serving NOIs.” An NOI, or Notice of Intent to Obtain Compulsory License, must be filed by any business looking to distribute music. Additionally, they claim that TIDAL’s dealings hav e“diluted the paid per-stream rate for royalty payments by up to 35 percent.” Last year, Jay-Z promised that his company would pay a 75% royalty rate, by far the highest in the streaming industry. In a recent statement, a spokesperson insisted that

“TIDAL is up to date on all royalties for the rights to the music stated in Yesh Music, LLC and John Emanuele’s claim and they are misinformed as to who, if anyone, owes royalty payments to them. As Yesh Music, LLC admits in their claim, TIDAL has the rights to the Master Recordings through its distributor Tunecore and have paid Tunecore in full for such exploitations. Their dispute appears to be over the mechanical licenses, which we are also up to date on payments via Harry Fox Agency our administrator of mechanical royalties. The entire catalogue in question streamed fewer than 13,000 times on TIDAL and its predecessor over the past year. We have now removed all music associated with Yesh Music, LLC and John Emanuele from the service. This is the first we have heard of this dispute and Yesh Music, LLC should be engaging Harry Fox Agency if they believe they are owed the royalties claimed. They especially should not be naming S Carter Enterprises, LLC, which has nothing to do with Tidal. This claim serves as nothing other than a perfect example of why America needs Tort reform.”

tidal banner

Yesh Music is a  publishing company operated by Emanuele and Richard Cupolo, another member from The American Dollar. In the past, the two have seen much attention for lawsuits filed against Lakewood Church and Grooveshark. Recently, TIDAL has featured a noteworthy catalog of exclusive releases, featuring the latest albums by Rihanna and Kanye West, as well as Beyoncé’s new video.


Electronic Music Awards and Foundation announces nominees

The Electronic Music Awards & Foundation has released the inaugural list of nominees. As this is the event’s first year, it’s huge to see such a fantastic list of electronic artists and events finally gaining the attention they deserve – both well-known and underground. The nominees spread across seven categories, with five nominees in each.

It can be expected that the widespread popularity and commercial success of more mainstream artists will gain recognition, but other noteworthy names from the house and techno community include DJ Harvey, Carl Cox, and Dixon for DJ of the Year, as well as Amnesia, Fabric, and LA’s own Sound being nominated for Club of the Year. You can see the full list of categories and nominees below.

The event will happen at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles April 14, with a broadcast to follow on FOX on Saturday, April 23.

For more info, check out the Electronic Music Awards and Foundation website.

Single of the Year

Calvin Harris & Disciples – How Deep is Your Love

The Chainsmokers – Roses (feat. ROZES)

Galantis – Runaway (U & I)

Kygo – Stole the Show (feat. Parson James)

Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. MØ)

Album of the Year  

Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Urban Flora

Calvin Harris – Motion

Disclosure – Caracal

Galantis – Pharmacy

Jamie xx – In Colour

Radio Show of the Year

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

BPM with Geronimo – Sirius XM

Danny Howard – BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems

Diplo and Friends – BBC Radio 1Xtra

Jason Bentley – Morning Becomes Eclectic – KCRW

Festival of the Year

Creamfields – Daresbury, England

Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas, USA

Sonar – Barcelona, Spain

The BPM Festival – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Ultra Music Festival – Miami, USA

DJ of the Year

Carl Cox



DJ Harvey


Best New Artist

Bob Moses

DJ Snake




Best Club of the Year




Sound LA


Sonos Speakers, Meet Apple Music

apple music banner

Apple Music can now officially be played on Sonos Speakers; although the streaming service has been available since June, until now, it did not have the ability to play through the hugely popular, internet-enabled speakers. Sonos had already integrated many other streaming services, most notably Spotify, Apple Music’s primary competitor. Unlike platforms such as Apple’s AirPlay, Sonos can only play music through its own app, rendering it impossible to stream from services that have not been integrated. To play your favorite tunes, just click the “Add Music Services” button, select Apple Music, and log in.

sonos speakers