6AM Guest Mix: Alejandro Franco

Alejandro Franco is a Mexican DJ, producer, journalist, publisher of WARP magazine, head of CommonSense Records, and founder of Guadalupe Valley Festival. After years of an evolving sound, this holistic storyteller’s musical journey has now become a mental travel through some of the finest cutting-edge Hi-Fi Techno.

This mix is a one-hour live recording from Alejandro’s set at Foro Normandie in Mexico City.

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Global Vibe Radio 182 Feat. Hydrangea

This week’s Global Vibe Radio mix showcases the deep, intimate, and enthralling storytelling of French artist Hydrangea.

Heavily inspired by the gifts of Mother Nature, Hydrangea’s contribution to our mix series is filled with spiritual soundscapes, taking the listener on an immersive journey through carefully-curated atmospheric deep techno selections.

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6AM Guest Mix: Jägerhertz

Jägerhertz duo Anna and Phil are united by what they call “hunting frequencies”, constantly on the lookout for the next exciting thing in music.

Drawing from a rich musical background they are aiming to surprise and pamper your eardrums with their intriguing productions as well as their versatile DJ sets. They are driven by their unconditional love for good music and epic moments which they are always trying to translate onto the dance floor.

Coming straight from the underground they gained considerable respect with their appearances all over the UK and finally their noise was heard by Berlin based label Kuukou Records which signed their highly acclaimed debut track “IKON”.

Here, they deliver just over one hour of cuts showcasing their sound, influences and current favorites.

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Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 181 Feat. TWR72

Amsterdam-based TWR72 pioneers a forward-thinking approach towards electronic music: a fusing and pulsing rhythm with a cutting drive, binding it with a strong signature groove.

Tracky, stripped-back and tough as hell, TWR72, delivers an ultra-lean cut of prime techno.

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