Ansome Returns to Perc Trax for Second Album, “Hounds Of The Harbour”

Perc Trax’s resident sonic explorer, modular innovator and all round Cornish bad boy Ansome returns to the label for his second album, following on from 2016’s Stowaway. Thankfully a move to Berlin a few years ago has not dulled or diluted his sound as he returns sharper and more focussed than ever.

In the three years since Stowaway he has toured the world as a live act, a DJ and also with his collaborative performances with Perc. Away from clubs and festivals he has stirred up a hornet’s nest of online opinion with his British Steel EP and continued to grow his own SLAM label into an essential source of uncompromising techno.

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Saad Ayub Pays Homage to Amsterdam Nightclub “Shelter” With Latest EP

The annual Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is upon us, and today Toronto’s Saad Ayub will be dropping his Shelter EP ahead of the hectic week of panels, meetings, events, mixers and incredible music. This four-track EP, is Saad’s ode to the conference week, with the title track dedicated to the infamous Shelter nightclub located in the basement of the A’DAM Tower.

Debuting his newfound love and productions of melodic techno, Saad’s creations are hypnotizing dance-floor worthy pieces of art, ready to take you to a higher consciousness.

‘Shelter’, the title track of the EP, is the second collaboration between Saad Ayub and Andy Teixeira; it is a melancholic piece of melodic techno with a dynamic arpeggiated climax.

‘Réveille’ is a dark, moody techno track characterized by its use of vocal chops and a room-filling stab lead.

‘Face to Face’ is a driving techno track with a progressive influence, complete with ominous floating pads, and a throbbing bassline.

‘This’ is a tribal-flavoured techno track, featuring a battery of syncopated drums and a hypnotizing vocal.

We grabbed a chat with Saad to talk about the EP and the influences behind it.
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6AM Guest Mix: Alejandro Franco

Alejandro Franco is a Mexican DJ, producer, journalist, publisher of WARP magazine, head of CommonSense Records, and founder of Guadalupe Valley Festival. After years of an evolving sound, this holistic storyteller’s musical journey has now become a mental travel through some of the finest cutting-edge Hi-Fi Techno.

This mix is a one-hour live recording from Alejandro’s set at Foro Normandie in Mexico City.

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Premiere: Stephen Disario Remixes Vince Weyn’s Title-Track for Upcoming “Inception” EP

Los Angeles’ Stephen Disario adds his signature imprint on Vince Weyn’s title-track from his most recent EP on Bonkers, titled Inception.

The result is a powerful dance-floor weapon fit for peak-time play.

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Premiere: Jannowitz Records Dives Into Split EP Concept with SILES and Raul Facio’s “Tombstone” EP

This month’s release marks the start of what you could call a new era at Jannowitz Records. Over the last few months, and even years, it has been the label’s concept to showcase original tracks and remixes on most EPs. But things change.

With this EP the label introduces the new Jannowitz split release concept, with two tracks by two artists each and that’s it. This very first one is brought to you by two friends and producers SILES and Raul Facio.

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Global Vibe Radio 182 Feat. Hydrangea

This week’s Global Vibe Radio mix showcases the deep, intimate, and enthralling storytelling of French artist Hydrangea.

Heavily inspired by the gifts of Mother Nature, Hydrangea’s contribution to our mix series is filled with spiritual soundscapes, taking the listener on an immersive journey through carefully-curated atmospheric deep techno selections.

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Premiere: Fonome Drops “Another Psychedelic Afternoon” EP on FONOS with Orbe and RNGD Remixes

Fonome returns to his FONOS imprint with a second round of tracks centring on glistening techno rhythms entitled Another Psychedelic Afternoon including remixes from Orbe and RNGD.

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Premiere: Master of Rave Ceremonies Olivier Abbeloos of T99 Lands on Pls.UK

Active since the early 1990s, the Master of Rave Ceremonies Olivier Abbeloos of T99, lands on Pls.UK with a rave oriented 4-track EP.

The man behind the timeless tune ‘Anasthasia’, comes back! First in the ceremony, ‘Deliver’ fuses rich synths and melancholic pads with the producers’ signature fast-paced drums, leaving no rest for the wicked. The darker tone of the second track ‘Twisted Driver’ sets the tone into full energy.

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Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 181 Feat. TWR72

Amsterdam-based TWR72 pioneers a forward-thinking approach towards electronic music: a fusing and pulsing rhythm with a cutting drive, binding it with a strong signature groove.

Tracky, stripped-back and tough as hell, TWR72, delivers an ultra-lean cut of prime techno.

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Premiere: Italy’s Elle Relases “Tutto Tutto” LP on South Korea’s Oslated Imprint, with Romi, Vâyu Interpretation, Doltz and Xanexx Remixes