Nick Warren CRSSD

Nick Warren’s CRSSD Debut With Progressive House Flare

Nick Warren’s CRSSD debut is right around the corner, and he forms part of a premiere line-up that has sold-out the spring festival. The progressive house DJ and producer is ready to take the decks in San Diego during the weekend of March 7-8 alongside leading electronic artists including Rufus du Sol. The Australian trio are partnering with festival organizers to raise funds for the Australia bushfire relief funds. We chatted with the Bridport native on his career legacy and rise to prominence as well as leading a balanced life on the road.

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In Interview with Pfirter: Studio Collaborations, Back-To-Back Sets and the Evolution of MindTrip

For the past fifteen years Argentinian-born, Barcelona-based producer Juan Pablo Pfirter has been pushing a sound that is undeniably steely, dark and uplifting, true to the founding principles of the techno’s tetramorph but eager to throw his own vanguard, personal touch into the mix.

At the end of 2019, the label boss was talking about a busy year ahead for MindTrip and now we know exactly what he had in mind.

Fresh and new collaborative projects will debut on the label in 2020, starting with Pfirter’s powerful shared EP with Oliver Rosemann who is no stranger to the world of MindTrip. Together they go as dark as they feel across 4 impressive cuts on their Alpha release, blending peak time-intensity with Industrial grooves and dark side body music their own way.

Alpha becomes the first of multiple collaborative concepts that will expand further over the year, with 2020 looking to truly be one of the busiest years for both MindTrip and label chief Pfirter.

6AM chats with Pfirter to learn more about what’s in store for him and his label in the coming months…

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Ben Rau Knee Deep

Ben Rau Goes Knee Deep with “The Player” EP

Ben Rau goes Knee Deep for his first release of the year The Player EP. Signing it onto Hot Since 82‘s label Knee Deep, the German DJ and producer shares the musical inspiration for his 18th EP and talks travel and touring. While he hasn’t played in U.S. clubs or venues yet, American fans might be seeing him sooner than expected.

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6AM Guest Mix: Yamil

Born and raised in Spain, Yamil has been delivering high-quality House and Deep House music for the last couple of years, making him a name in this industry and having his music being played at mayor clubs and festivals around the globe

Yamil is in a state of creative grace. His releases on influential labels such as MoBlack, Solar Distance, Sudam, Madorasindahouse, King Street, Radiant and LNDKHN are the best proof of it, most of them have placed themselves on the first positions of Beatport and Traxsource’s Top 100 sales charts.

Most recently, the Spanish producer decided to step forward in his career with the creation of his own label Pieces Of Life, with which he will release his first LP, being the label’s first reference. Under the title of “POL Talks” Yamil has reflected “something unique and different, deeper than my usual sound. A journey in which each track tells a different story but giving sense toone ensemble” he says. In fact, the idea of creating the label Pieces Of Life is motivated precisely to unleash all his creativity, without imposed restrictions or limitations by the dominant trends.

We grabbed a chat with Yamil as he delivers this week’s Guest Mix.

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In Interview with 30drop

30D Records just celebrated its 5th Anniversary and right on cue, label founder and the artist responsible for 30drop just revealed an exclusive live-set podcast for the highly respected, techno advocates HATE.

This 90-minute live set combines hardware, software, FXS and live mixing. Dynamic and evolving, 30drop delivers a set that builds from syncopated hypnotism through to the darkest, harshest of sounds.

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In Interview: Anakim Discusses the Los Angeles Scene That Bred Him

In a scene that sees thousands of new artists emerge each year, it’s difficult for anyone to truly stand out. Fortunately, that is not the problem for Anakim, a Los Angeles based producer who is making a large impact in the dance music community. Anakim’s dedication to innovative production methods has led him to release his music on some of dance music’s biggest labels including mau5trap, EIN2, Dear Deer, and most recently, Desert Hearts Black, as well as a debut on our Global Vibe Radio mix series for episode 125 back in April 2018.

Anakim began building his unique sound at the renowned Icon Collective Music Production School. After graduating, he continued to polish and perfect his production methods which have led him to unprecedented success, including a coveted booking at Coachella’s Yuma Tent in 2018. Most recently, Anakim was named as one of Billboard Dance’s Emerging artists for 2020.

Kicking off the decade with his Billboard recognition and his newly released ‘Poseidon’s Revenge’ EP on Desert Hearts Black, which you can find on Beatport, Anakim is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. We examine his budding career in our chat with him around the release, diving into his unique experience coming up in such a bustling music scene and his path to success on a more global scale.

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In Interview with Birdee

It’s arguably been far too long a time a comin’, but there can be no doubt right now that the disco revival is very much in full swing right now, and Birdee is an integral part of that

The highly influential genre has experienced its fair share of highs and lows, and although it helped give rise to what we now define as ‘house’ music, it’s been put on the backburner for some time now. In recent years however, it’s storming resurgence can be attributable to the likes of Defected’s Glitterbox parties, which have proved to be some of Ibiza’s best loved parties over the past few years. And besides… isn’t disco just bloody great?!

One man who definitely epitomises this shift is Birdee aka Marcello De Angelis, an LA-based Italian producer making great waves recently thanks to a string of brilliant releases and killer collabs. Indeed, his latest releases see him side up alongside some seriously respected players, not least Strictly legend Barbara Tucker.

A man who’s been doing his thing for years but is now rightly gaining prominence, we checked in with Birdee recently to find out what’s happening in his world…

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Digging Deeper with Mo’Key

Italy’s Mo’Key (aka Mo’Cream) has been a producer since the ’90s, with his first production under the guise Workin’ Happily ‘Make My Move’ released in 1993. His productions and remixes have graced labels such as Zippy Records, Quantize, King Street, UDP, Casual, Ocean Trax and many more.

As his latest release ‘So Close To You / One Night’ drops on the new Italian label Major Underground, 6AM digs deeper

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Kris Menac

In Interview with Kris Menace

Kris Menace returns with a warm melodic single, “Rome”

No doubt, when a young and highly talented producer with a multitude of internationally successful and acclaimed high profile releases under his belt decides to stop making music for 5 years he must have a serious reason to do so.

Kris Menace released eight albums and dozens of singles between 2005 and 2013, collaborated with artists such as Robert Owens, Romanthony (Daft Punk One More Time), Miss Kittin, Alan Braxe, Rex the Dog, Felix Da Housecat and DJ Pierre. Besides that he remixed prestigious big names like LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode, Metronomy, Royksopp, Underworld, Moby, Paul Weller, Kylie Minogue and Lana Del Rey, just to name a few, before suffering from a severe case of depression. Now he returns with a new sound and his melodic and catchy single “Rome”.

We spoke to Kris to talk about his absence from the music business and the latest single that heralds his return!

What did you miss most during your absence from the music business, what didn’t you miss at all?

I was missing all the good friends I found in the business all over the world. Other than that, I wasn’t really missing anything. I really needed to step back. I was DJing 2-3 times a week all over the world, making me hate airports, I worked on over 500 releases over the last years, which killed my creativity, I did lots of TV and sync work, which killed my belief in humanity, I managed record labels, which killed me as an artist, made design work besides and handled a family with 2 kids…. it was too much.

When did you first have the idea for the new single? Why do it now? What was the catalyst?

Stefan Dabruck, a friend of mine since more than 15 years kept asking why I wasn’t doing any new music. We had a lot of talks and meetings over the last years and he was in fact responsible for putting me in touch with Millé and Gwylo. I’m sure that I still wouldn’t have released something if he wouldn’t had been convincing me to work on something new.

What do you think is the most important part of a song? What makes a Kris Menace song?

Hard to say – I really don’t know. I just do what I do the best I can at the time I’m working on something. I go with the flow and just produce it the way I’d like to listen to it. Some people say that I have a very recognizable sound what I take as a compliment.

How and where was the video for the single shot?

It was mostly shot in Spain. We had one week of shooting and had been a crew of 8 people. It was really fun standing before the camera for the first time, even tho I had a bad flu and fever while shooting.

What would you advise artists who are also struggling with depression?

This is really something our generation has to fight with. There are so many depressions that it’s really hard to give advice, especially as I’m still fighting every day with my demons. I don’t believe in pills, tho I think they are for sure a relief for others. I personally believe that sport, body orientated work and healthy food help in the first place. Everything else really depends on yourself. I personally established a second business during my abstinence, which helped me a lot in not taking things too seriously.

And how important do you feel it is to work with people you really know? Is there a level of trust you need to establish now?

Absolutely. This was very important for me. it was also important that I’m free in what I can do without any pressure. That’s a luxury not many people get and I’m very thankful for that opportunity. I signed to Sony/Columbia/RCA/Famouz now. Before that I was always releasing on labels from friends or on my own labels. Having such a big major team behind really helps you to be an artist again. I’m already working on some new songs, but that’s pretty much it, to be honest. No stress, no pressure, just doing some music from time to time.

What are your goals for 2020?

I’m building a restaurant and wine cellar mostly on my own which I will try to open this year. Besides that I might release another song in 2020, but that’s pretty much it.


Stream Kris Menace’s “Rome” here

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In Interview with Honeysmack

David Haberfeld aka Honeysmack is an Australian electronic dance music producer and live artist who has been at the forefront of the Australian house and techno scene since the 1990s.

A passionate artist with a fierce dedication to all things acid, he’s as prolific as they come, and someone whose obsession with sound has even recently led to him embarking on a PHD in electronic music. Though an impressive feat, it;’s his recent work on Carl Cox’s fledgling Awesome Soundwave which has really caught our ear.

So, ahead of the release of his thoroughly captivating Post Acid LP, David kindly took some time out to discuss his home country of Australia, his recent studies and his live setup…

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