SXM Festival Announces Phase One Line-up for 2020 feat Ricardo Villalobos, Enzo Siragusa, Blond:Ish, Loco Dice, Cassy, Sonja Moonear, DJ Tennis

Over the past five years SXM Festival has set its sights on crafting the perfect electronic music destination experience on the iconic shores of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. Fostered from the cultural core and physical wonder of its Caribbean home, SXM Festival has triumphed as a journey of world-class music and pristine natural beauty. Today the event has revealed a phase one lineup of globally renowned selectors for its March 11-15, 2020 edition.

It is with the constantly evolving taste of the international dance music community in mind that SXM Festival crafts its scene-leading musical offerings. The result is a mixing pot of industry titans and emerging acts sourced from all corners of the world with the united purpose of pushing the sounds of the underground to their absolute limit.

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Alberta Electronic Music Conference’s Five Day Programming To Feature 150+ Artists and Speakers, 60+ Music Industry Workshops and 25+ Night Music Events

The 2019 edition of Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON) will make a statement, and it will be a bold one.

Taking place across 5 days, from November 13th until the 17th, AEMCON 2019 will be the biggest edition of the initiative yet. This year’s programming features a focus on mental health, production creativity, marginalized group’s impact on electronic music, live performance, visual creativity, and monetizing your music career.

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Win 2 GA Tickets to City Hearts Festival 2019

City Hearts Festival returns to Downtown Los Angeles this weekend on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of November, 2019!

The Desert Hearts festival has the intention to continue spreading as much love and positive energy as possible while reuniting their Family in a location that’s easily accessible for all of Southern California.

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Discovering ADE’s Sound-Fleet Boat Parties

Sound-Fleet is once again back at ADE to offer the most unique party experiences of the whole conference: on a proper boat meandering through the Amsterdam canals.

From October 16th to 20th they have seven parties planned with hosts and brands like Rejected, Magdalena, HOSH and his fryhide imprint, Muse by Lehar and Musumeci, The Bliss Office, Olivier Weiter and more.

The boat itself is fully decked out with a killer sound system and offers a great way to dance while taking in the blissful sites of the gorgeous city. Here we speak to the man behind it all, to gain more insight on what attendees can expect from the Sound-Fleet series of events.

Head HERE for tickets and info, and read on for our exclusive chat.

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CRSSD Celebrated 10th Festival Edition With a Multi-Genre Display of Electronic Music

Cover photo by Gina Joy @ginajoyphoto

With this past weekend, San Diego’s FNGRS CRSSD has now hosted ten fully-fledged editions of its now always-sold-out CRSSD Festival. Make no mistake, selling out a festival is no small feat and if 6 years ago you had asked us whether it would be possible in a city like San Diego and with the types of names the festival hosts, we would have been very skeptical.

Yet, the team behind CRSSD has managed to build a brand so strong that it would now be a surprise if any of its imminent future edition didn’t sell out before doors open. That is not to say that it may not happen, but it’s simply a testament to the following the festival has built over the last 5 years and 10 separate editions.

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Emerging Artist DESNA Talks About Establishing Her Career in New York

When someone begins their career as a DJ, usually it’s because they enjoy the sensation of performing, connecting, and controlling the rhythm of the crowd. It doesn’t come from a business perspective, that tends to come later. The passion is driven by the love of music, and the scene. That passion is exactly how new emerging artist DESNA was able to become such a dominant force in Brooklyn, New York.
DESNA came from humble roots in the Brooklyn scene. Her musical momentum began in NYC through performing at underground parties which led to launching her own event series. She was able to gain notable residencies, such as Output. DESNA has been able to establish herself as one of the rising stars to come out of New York. This weekend will be a highlight for her, as she is playing as direct support for COYU at Analog Brooklyn this Friday.

6AM was invited to have a sit down conversation with her face to face, where we were able to get to know the intricate complexities that made her such an unique force in the city that never sleeps.

The first time I got to see you live was opening for Wehbba and Pan-pot at The Brooklyn Mirage, can you tell me what that was like?
I think playing The Brooklyn Mirage is definitely a destination for most artists. It felt great to be put on that party, especially with it being only me and two other artists and not some stacked lineup. It was August 4th so I was so grateful I had a great turnout because it was SO hot. But still, it was a great turn out, awesome time, awesome vibe.

Growing your career in New York, what do you think was your biggest challenge that you triumph?
I think the biggest challenge was cultivating the sound that I wanted to put out. I have a lot of influences, but I’m someone who really cares about what I’m releasing. In a sense that, I want to do something original; I don’t want to copy anyone. We are currently living in society where everyone’s kind of using similar samples and programs. I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to be original yet familiar. That was something I recently felt like I conquered.

You mentioned how you cultivated your own sound, how would you describe that?
There’s always emotion involved in figuring out what sound to put out. I think this year was a big year for me by taking time to really figure out how I want to be represented. Everyone knows I play techno, and are starting to get to know who DESNA is, but I don’t think people really know what music DESNA makes. As a DJ, I feel like this will be my time to showcase what my sound is. I was a DJ first, and I was producing the whole time but I wasn’t seriously putting out anything until last year. Even then, I was happy with the music I was making but something wasn’t sitting right. I really dug deep and researched New York’s sound. New York has this very Underground Tribal feel. I wanted to take a little bit of that tribal vibe and influences from the industrial sound and create something that’s not only beautiful, but well received.

What was your biggest milestone in your career?
Figuring out my sound, that’s a big personal milestone no one’s heard yet. The other one is just the recognition. Before I came out as DESNA a year and a half ago, I was playing under my real name in New York having fun but not really tying everything together. Output was supporting me a lot, that’s where I was like “you know what? I’m gonna go for it.” I have a musical background, I can play the piano, I was a singer for a few rock bands, even Opera. Music has always been a part of my life, but I never took into consideration that it could become a career. When I started getting booked regularly at Output is when I decided to take my music career more seriously.

What do you think is missing in New York techno scene?
Club Culture. We have it, but there is a void now that Output closed. There was something about Output that brought people together. It really put the underground scene on the map for New York. These big venues contribute a lot to Brooklyn, but I miss the intimacy of being able to go to a club, not have to look at the lineup and knowing that it’s going to be a good night regardless.

Do you have any new events release we should look forward to?
Yes! I’m on direct support for Coyu this Friday coming up at Analog in Brooklyn which I’m really looking forward to, and then I’m playing an after-hours set at ‘Day Jam’ in Philadelphia on September 28th. 
As far as releases, I’m collaborating on an EP with Metodi Hristov on his Label, which will be out at the beginning of 2020. I’m very excited for that as well. 

There’s a lot more in store for DESNA as she’s just getting started. We’re expecting great things from this New York grown artist. If you’re in the city, you won’t want to miss her set at the Analog Brooklyn this Friday! Click the flyer below for more information

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