Quality & Traits of a Successful Music Producer and DJ

With today’s technology advancements, it’s easy for almost anyone to translate their passion for electronic music into a career.

The myth of the bedroom producer is no longer a myth, and we often hear stories of discovered artists who broke through in the industry after putting in countless hours in the studio, honing their craft and grinding until their hard work paid off. We recently gave some tips on how to increase productivity in your home studio, tackling important subjects such as ergonomic studio set-ups, removing distractions, labeling samples, learning shortcuts and more.

But what makes someone a successful music artist? What traits must one possess to really get the most out of one’s passion for music production and/or DJing? While there are a lot of factors that come into play to make it in the music world, in order to turn passion into a career you must truly want it.

Here are some qualities most successful music artists possess, compiled after tens of hours of interviews with successful international DJs and electronic music producers.

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Why Your Personal Look Should Resonate With Your Artist Brand

For any artist, branding is an important element that makes them stand out from the rest. It is for this reason that some go to great lengths in creating that unique brand for themselves and the music they play, from their logo to the way they communicate on social media, and even the graphics they choose to use during their shows.

But an artist’s branding efforts would be in vain if they were not to extend to their personal look. After all, it is the one thing most visible to the artist’s audience and ultimately anything the artist projects will not only be noticed but at times can also lead to emulation if admired.

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How to Stay Mentally and Physically Healthy When Traveling for Gigs and Festivals

If you’ve ever had a layover or a cancelled or delayed flight, you know how tiring and stressful traveling can be. Imagine how this must be for a traveling artist, for whom experiences like these are quite common. Traveling the world for gigs and festivals seems awesome to most, but it is not always so. Some artists have seen their career trajectory shoot straight up vertically, going from producing music in their bedroom to major superstars seemingly overnight. Recently we have seen our industry tackle the important issues of mental health and well-being, especially with the passing of Avicii and artists such as Benga speaking up about the strains of touring and battles with depression.

So, how can you ensure you take care of your mental and physical health while on the road?

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How To Rapidly Recover From a Party Weekend

Although we sadly hear about officials trying to crack down on nightlife rather than understanding its economic and artistic importance on their community, we all know that they will never stop us from raving. Festivals are getting longer and cities across America are now starting to extend the hours that alcohol can be sold and bars can be open. Whether you live in a city with 24-hour clubs and venues, or somewhere where after-hours are rampant, we all know that there’s plenty opportunities to keep the party going, if you want it to!

Recently festivals such as Coachella and Electric Forest extended to 2 weekends, with Electric Forest already running for up to 5 days. Burning Man is a marathon of physical and mental strength as it is, while the recent rendition of Oregon Eclipse also lasted 7 days. Local LA and San Diego favorite crewDesert Hearts throws a 72-hour non-stop music and partying festival every year and promoters are throwing more and more marathon parties than ever. Then you get monster events such as Amsterdam Dance Event, Miami Music Week and the like which allow party-goers to keep partying for days, hopping from one party to the other. It isn’t always easy to get an adequate amount of sleep during these festivals and events, especially if you’ve been drinking copious amounts of alcohol and partaking in the use of illicit substances.

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The Pros and Cons of Vinyl and Digital DJing

The availability of digital downloads and online media services like Spotify have permanently changed the landscape of modern music. Not only are musicians making less money nowadays, but music has become infinitely more accessible.

These seismic changes in technology have left music formats like CDs and vinyl behind. Fifteen years ago, for example, after the arrival of Apple’s massively popular iPod, many could have been forgiven for thinking that LPs were done for.

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DJ Set vs Live Set?

In the past, stadiums and giant arenas were mainly reserved for rock bands, rappers, orchestras, and popular singers. Yet, as the years have passed by and electronic music’s popularity has soared, DJs have found a way to be a part of these arenas, gaining the following, respect and attention that other major bands and artist have been receiving for decades.

As the electronic music scene has grown, millions of music fans around the world have taken to local nightclubs, festivals and arenas to listen to their favorite DJs. If you are a newcomer to the electronic music dance scene, however, it is possible that there are some terms used around which may be confusing to you, such as when flyers have the words “Live Set” or “DJ Set” next to an artist’s name. What do they mean exactly and what is the difference between the two?

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The Pros and Cons of Spinning Vinyl

Vinyl has made a come back and it’s not leaving any time soon! Naturally, the welcome phenomenon has made its way into the DJ industry, with a number of DJs returning to using vinyl in their live set or picking up their collecting of records once more.

We talked with Ellen Allien about her love for vinyl, we looked at whether vinyl is actually more expensive than digital and looked at how and why the vinyl industry has been surpassing the $1 billion revenue mark again for the first time since the ’80s.

Inevitably, this has given rise to a sometimes contentious debate with regards to the merits of vinyl for DJs. There is no right or wrong answer, which is why this debate will continue forever with both sides sharing valid points in advocating their respective beliefs regarding vinyl. As such, we will not be advocating one side over another over this vinyl “issue,” although we have covered in the past why CDJ shaming should stop.

Rather, we will devote space here to objectively examine the pros and cons of vinyl for DJs as a way to help you better gauge whether vinyl is the right fir for you.

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Options For Your Old DJ Gear

Technology moves at a fast pace these days and audio/music technology is no exception. Due to this there will come a point when as a DJ you will have to upgrade your equipment for better performance. But unless the DJ gear to be replaced is truly no longer in good working condition, throwing it in the trash would be a real shame, not to mention that this would not be helpful for the environment.

Fortunately, there are better alternatives for your old DJ gear. These options not only lessen the impact on people’s health and the environment, they also put your gear into good use in a way that others will benefit from.

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How to Avoid Burnout In The Electronic Music Industry

If you’re an artist trying to break into the industry, you’re going to make acquaintances and friends along the way, and whether you like it or not, that’s going to be your competition. Some are going to break through and make a name for themselves faster than you will. Don’t worry, don’t let it deter you either, success looks different on everybody. Conversely, you will see that some are going to wither away and give up entirely.

That’s where you should be worried.

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