Catching Up with CAMZ

Author : Max Spruill
October 14, 2022

Catching Up with CAMZ

Born in Brazil, Camila Soares, A.K.A CAMZ, has from a very young age showed a great interest in arts, playing several instruments and taking singing, dancing and theatre classes. Her teenage aunt was the one who introduced her to dance music, funk and rock ‘n’ roll. Back in 1995, her family gifted her first vinyl, a compilation featuring her new favorite song: The Bucketheads (Kenny Dope) – The Bomb, which the 7-year-old became obsessed about.

CAMZ has been heavily involved in the electronic music scene ever since attending her first rave in 2003, which got her mesmerized by the union of so many different tribes for the love of music and dancing. After traveling the world and living in Los Angeles and Sydney, in 2015 she moved to London and founded 7 Times Digital, which allowed CAMZ to work and learn with the biggest DJs and labels of the Electronic Music Industry. Nowadays, you can find her at the hottest parties, venues, and festivals bringing the best of House Music, infused with Latin, Urban, Breakbeats and Hip-Hop influences.

CAMZ’s latest releases ‘Medo Deemen’ with V.A.M.O and SAUDADE out on Nervous got handpicked and played by Jaguar and Jeremiah Asiamah on BBC Radio 1. Her Nervous Records release also got support from Black Coffee, Jamie Jones, Nicole Moudaber, Blondish, Oscar G, and many more, reaching #5 on Beatport and #6 on Traxsource. Catch her radio show ‘CAMZ Sunshine Beatz’ – Bringing the Sunshine To London, every first Wednesday of the month on Point Blank Radio.

Today, instead of finding her on the radio, you’ll find her tuning in with 6AM to chat about her background and path as an artist, her latest single, and some big upcoming shows she’s playing.

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Source: CAMZ PR

Hey there CAMZ! Thanks so much for speaking with us today. As the host of your own monthly radio show on Point Blank Radio ‘CAMZ Sunshine Beatz’ I’m sure you’re used to being the one asking questions. How does it feel to have the roles reversed for a change? What’s it like being the host of a radio show?

Hey, thanks for having me! You know what, it’s nice to reverse the roles for a change. I’ve been a music curator for all my life, and I really enjoy bringing new sounds to people’s ears, and make them discover new feelings.


You’ve been involved in the arts ever since you were young, being well versed in singing, dancing, as well as playing multiple instruments. How do you think that shaped your path as an artist? And how do you think growing up in Brazil has influenced you as well?

Being an artistic child made me see the world differently. My mind is like a musical, everything has its own soundtrack, and visuals. When I create a project, it’s usually a fully realised idea of how I want it to look, feel and sound.

Brazil is a country with a lot of contrasts. From people’s diverse backgrounds and cultures, to the economical abyss and never ending fight against social inequality. All these elements are a part of my music, like the lyrics of my latest Nervous release SAUDADE  – Saudade of a better country with Health and Education, there are children eating leftovers from the floor – you can’t talk about Brazil and ignore mentioning its social issues, as well as our African, European and Native background.


Your latest release on Nervous Records has gotten support from huge names in the industry like Jamie Jones and Oscar G, how does it feel to get such great feedback from your peers? How does it influence the next track you make?

The feedback was better than I expected, and it makes me feel like I’m on the right track with my productions. Hope to get signed with some of them in the future!


source: @domdommartin1

Your schedule is stacked with playing huge events like Nicole Maudabers InTheMood on October 8th and closing out the Baby Box at Ministry Of Sound on November 25th, what’s your favorite part about playing massive shows like these? 

The best part is the opportunity to play for a bigger crowd. The energy is unparalleled. These shows make me challenge myself as DJ and as a curator, and push my creativity.


You’ve clearly had a lot of success along your path as an artist, but nothing in life comes easy. What has been your biggest challenge so far? How would you tell another artist in a similar situation how to overcome that challenge?

Oooof, when I came to London I was sleeping on my friend’s floor with a blanket I took from the airplane, and I had about 10 pounds per week to eat. Let’s just start there…

Being a Latin female made things even harder as I had to break paradigms and taboos to be respected, and I had to face harassment and abuse along the way.

To follow your dreams you must have a ‘by all means necessary’ state of mind, otherwise you break. If I had to give some advice, it would be that there isn’t only ONE way to reach a goal. If you’re trying to penetrate an industry there are a million jobs you could get before becoming what you dream of. I also think it’s perfectly feasible to become an artist in your spare time, and build your career slowly, making sure all your bills are paid. When you’re desperate for money, you make bad decisions.


source: @leokleeman

Thanks so much for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you for having me. If you haven’t yet, check out my latest Nervous release SAUDADE, and its music video, which was shot in Ibiza. And if you’re in London, would love to see you at one my shows soon! Beijos, tchau!

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