Carl Cox Will Retire Following Coronavirus Shutdowns

Carl Cox Will Retire
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 01, 2020

Carl Cox Will Retire Following Coronavirus Shutdowns

The day many electronic music fans around the world have been dreading is soon to come. Carl Cox has just announced his plans to retire from DJing and music production, largely due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak that has crippled the electronic music industry in recent weeks and has caused artists to stop touring.. That’s right, Carl Cox will retire.

With no end in sight for these lockdowns, and with Coxy busy contributing a variety of live streams from home, ranging from techno and tech house to disco and house, it only makes sense for the King to hang up his headphones now that he will not be touring for months. He is healthy and well, but the timing must just feels right.

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Truth be told, retirement rumors were rife years go when Space Ibiza shut down and Carl Cox’s infamous Music Is Revolution party came to a halt, but they proved to be false. Given his high touring schedule in recent months before Coronavirus, no one expected this week’s announcement that Carl Cox will retire so soon.

Earlier this year, we grabbed an insightful chat with Cox which you can listen to below:

Cox released a statement through his agent which reads:

“After more than three decades of music production, DJing and touring I have decided that soon will be the end of me playing the music I love so much. The Coronavirus shut downs haven’t helped and I now plan to retire and devote time to my family, friends and myself. When I first started down this path I never envisioned myself continuing this far and certainly not past the age of 50. I have continued to do so because it has come naturally and because my love for electronic music and techno has been too strong to ignore. As the years have passed, however, I realized that it is finally time to give space to young talent and focus on my personal life after so many years involved in this industry.

While I plan to stop DJing, touring and producing, Intec and any subsidiary labels and parties will still continue without me. Although I will not be directly involved with producing and DJing the label will continue to nurture other music talent under my direct supervision.”




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Carl Cox will retire? Not even likely… this is an April Fools article