Carl Cox To Publish a Book Titled “Oh Yes, Oh Yes”

Carl Cox Book: "Oh Yes, Oh Yes!"
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 21, 2020

Carl Cox To Publish a Book Titled “Oh Yes, Oh Yes”

Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Carl Cox is publishing a book memoir.

Electronic music fans world over will be able to read about the icon’s life, from his childhood years until today, having reached the status of global superstar DJ.

News of the book came unofficially during Carl Cox’s appearance on the weekly DJs and Beers talk-show launched by Chris Liebing, Dubfire, Drumcell, Truncate and Radio Slave. The show, which sees the five hosts invite guests to discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from music production to the industry’s response to COVID-19 and everything in between, airs every Thursday at 12pm PST/9pm CET.

Cox admitted the book was finished before the pandemic, but COVID-19 and more personal events in recent months had put a halt on his plans to release his debut book memoir.

“We’d actually written the book before the pandemic,” stated Cox. “But we put a hold on it, because the book isn’t finished yet. There’s still so much story to tell. What happened afterwards with my family, where I am at, the [Electronic Music] scene itself, what’s going to happen in the future.”

Carl Cox revealed that the iconic phrase “Oh Yes, Oh Yes” he is known to shout over the mic during his sets will be the title of the forthcoming book.