Video: An Afternoon with Cari Golden

Author : Lee Trotter
July 12, 2015

Video: An Afternoon with Cari Golden

Cari Golden Live

As we walk through the door we are greeted by the fragrant aroma of sautéed rosemary and garlic. We’ve just walked into the home of singer and songwriter, Cari Golden, and she’s in the midst of preparing a delicious lunch of fettuccine, asparagus, and burrata cheese so good that it would take you right to Italy.

After we all sit down for lunch, we start enjoying some wine and get around to discussing the thing that drives us all…music. After much hard work, Cari Golden has made an excellent career in electronic music. She is easily one of the most sought after vocalists in this industry. Cari has the ability to inject a tremendous amount of emotion and harmony into dance music, and it’s no surprise that she’s found herself releasing music with the likes of Pan-Pot, Groove Armada, Kaiserdisco, Ryan Crosson, and Anja Scneider, just to name a few.

With several trips complete this year and more music on the way, we had the pleasure of catching up with Cari Golden to discuss everything from her start in the dance industry to her current methodology for writing tracks.

Take a look at our full conversation in the video below, and make sure to keep up to date with Cari Golden’s future musical endeavors

Cari Golden: Official Site | Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

Forthcoming Releases

July 20th, 2015 – Alex Sauer feat. Cari Golden – Beyond The Blue
August 10th, 2015:   Bambook feat. Cari Golden – No Reason

Past Releases

Coyu feat. Cari Golden – Profound Pleasure [Defected]

Cari Golden & Ominous LIVE – Shattered [Motek Music]

Silky & Dadon feat. Cari Golden – Move [No. 19 Music]
Kaiserdisco feat. Cari Golden – Electric (Dubspeeka Remix) [KD Raw]