California Cities One Step Closer to Extending Last Call Hours to 4AM

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 31, 2017

California Cities One Step Closer to Extending Last Call Hours to 4AM

Earlier this year we reported on California Senator Scott Wiener’s campaign to allow the State’s municipalities to make their own choices on whether to extend alcohol last call hours to 4AM.

His Let Our Communities Adjust Late Night Act campaign made headlines in a state that could begin raking in a lot more money through taxes if the proposed bill becomes law, especially thanks to nightlife hubs in large cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

Until now venues, bars and other drinking establishments in the State of California were obliged to enforce a strict 2AM alcohol shut off policy. The proposed law asks to give municipalities the power to make that decision for their county. Today the proposed bill passed the Senate and is now moving to Assembly for review and vote, after which it will be down to the Governor of California to give final approval and pass it into law.

It is to be noted that the bill is not yet fully approved, and that even if approved it does not mean that last call hours will necessarily move to 4AM. It will still be down to local municipalities to decide whether to pass local legislation allowing bars and nightclubs in their county to serve alcohol past the current 2AM cut-off time or not.

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