Calculus’s upcoming “Vaporizer EP” on Anemone Recordings

Author : Victor Arellano
October 23, 2015

Calculus’s upcoming “Vaporizer EP” on Anemone Recordings

Anemone Recordings head hancho Calculus is making his debut with Vaporizer EP this October 26th 2015 with two tracks “Vaporizer” and “Sacred Gudgeon”. Browsing through the labels recordings, you’ll notice this label is constantly shelling out some very abstract and future sounding techno. If there’s one major thing to appreciate about any label it would probably be the labels consistent originality and true reflection of the sound it wants to portray. The tracks “Vaporizer” and “Sacred Gudgeon” are definitely a raw reflection of the sound that many DJ’s, such as Len Faki and Nikola Gala, are starting to appreciate about this label and it’s artists.

Vaporizer: It’s always fun to hear a hard classic 4/4 techno track with consistent hard bassy kicks. The melodic chords dangling themselves above the track teased with a filter give the track an immaculately crafted tension that makes you crave what’s coming next. The deep and abstract sounds that lay within the various layers of the track give it a type of mysterious, industrial, and disorienting aura.

Sacred Gudgeon: The atmosphere and effects were crafted so well in this track. You feel like your in a suspensful part of some pixar movie about alien invasions.The bass-line that comes in later in the track is very unruly and is filtered up and down throughout the track to build tension. The rolling synth gives the track its dose of higher end frequencies that sprinkle the track nicely to give it that other worldly type of atmosphere.

This EP will be available for your downloading pleasure October 26, 2015 on Anemone Recordings.

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