Bring Down the House: Top 10 House Tracks to Workout to

House Music Working Out
Author : Max Spruill
March 21, 2023

Bring Down the House: Top 10 House Tracks to Workout to

House music has been getting ravers movin’ and groovin’ from way back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, and the bootz n’ catz beat hasn’t stopped shuffling people’s feet ever since. While the genre has long been associated with parties, clubs, and raves, dancing isn’t the only way to move your body along with the house. House music is actually one of the best type of tunes to accompany you during a work out!

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With its energetic beats and pulsating rhythms, house music can help get you pumped up and motivated enough to get through any exercise routine. With a steady beat and consistent tempo, it’s rhythm can help you stay focused and keep your pace during your workout. The repetitive beats and driving basslines of house will keep your heart rate up and help maintain your intensity, especially during cardio exercises such as running and cycling- hence why it’s such an infamous genre for dancing.

Additionally, house music can help you achieve a flow state during your workout. A flow state is a mental state in which you are fully immersed in the activity and lose track of time and surroundings. This state of mind can help you achieve optimal performance and get the most out of your workout. House music can help you achieve this state by providing a continuous and unobtrusive soundtrack that keeps you in the zone. Moreover, the upbeat and positive vibes of house music can lift your mood and help you stay motivated throughout your workout. House music often features lyrics that inspire confidence and perseverance, such as “don’t stop the music” or “keep on moving.” These lyrics combined with the infectious rhythms and melodies can help you push through the pain and get through any workout.

So now that we got to break down why house music is a good choice to workout to, it’s time to break down those muscles and reach our fitness goals. But we’re obviously gunna need to do it to some house after all that hype. Well, we got that covered: here are the top 10 house tracks break down and break a sweat to.


Klangkuenstler‘s remix of Greco‘s track is an excellent house song to workout to. It’s got a driving beat perfect for high-intensity workouts, consistent and strong, providing a steady tempo to keep you moving and motivated the whole way through. And the bassline is very energetic and powerful, which can help you maintain your intensity level and push through your workout. Not to mention, the soulful lyrics will hit straight to the soul, keeping you inspired to finish the session strong.


KC Lights’ high energy house banger “SOL” is one you’ll most certainly want in the rotation for your workout playlist. The song just makes you want to go crazy, which is how you should feel while grinding through a good workout. Energizing and engaging, this song will make any exercise routine feel like a party.


ANORT‘s heater beckons the question,”What Is House?” Which our answer is; great workout music, and that’s exactly what this track is good for. It’s deep, pulsating bassline will get you in the zone and keep you moving all the way through that last drop of sweat.


Jamie Jones – “Bappi” (Edit)

Jamie Jones‘ banger “Bappi” is perfect for banging out any workout. The melody has a repetitive quality to it that is both catchy and hypnotic, which will help you flow into your flow state. It also sounds quite upbeat and optimistic, creating a sense of positive energy that can help you stay motivated and focused during more challenging parts of your workout. Its fusion of Indian classical music and electronic beats will have you feeling refreshed and ready to catch that second wind to bust out the last bits of your routine.


Eli Brown‘s track “Get It Together” urges you to do exactly that, so get it together and get through your workout with this song bumpin’. Not only do the lyrics beckon you to be better, but the driving bassline will give you the motivation to do so. This songs momentum and drive will surely translate into your workout for the better.

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Martin Ikin‘s track “PWR” will give you the power to get through your workout grind, that’s a fact. The lyrics let you know that you’ve got the power, and reminds you to let the power of the house take over your body. If you do that, then consider any workout done-zo.


Solardo – “Tango Wango”

Solardo’s latin infused track “Tango Wango” has a strong beat that’s both consistent and propelling, which can and will propel you through your workout. It creates a multi-dimensional and dynamic rhythm that keeps you engaged and energized throughout your workout. And you’re lying if you say that latin flare just doesn’t heat you up! Burn through that workout with this song sizzling in your ears.


KETTAMA‘s remix of Dusky’s “Staunch” should be your new favorite workout anthem. It’s percussion is very lively and dynamic, which can help to maintain your intensity level and push you to work harder. The song also features intense build-ups and drops that can help to create a sense of anticipation and excitement during your workout. These build-ups create a feeling of tension and release, which can help to keep you engaged and motivated throughout your exercise routine. And lastly, let’s not forget to mention that absolutely dirty bassline, perfect for getting dirty through the grind.



Electro house classic “Sofi Needs a Ladder” by the legend deadmau5 is an excellent song to work out to due to its intense beat, driving rhythm, and energetic production. The song starts with a pulsing beat that gradually builds up in intensity, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement. The beat is strong and driving, which can help to maintain your intensity level and push you to work harder through high-intensity workouts. The clear and crisp sound that can help to create a high-energy atmosphere, and the lyrics sung by Sophia Toufa will most definitely help you roll with the punches during your grind.

Bring Down The House

In conclusion, house music is an excellent genre for working out, offering a steady beat, positive vibes, and flow-inducing properties. If you’re looking to spice up your workout routine, give these house tracks a try and see the difference they can make.

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