Brennen Grey Launches Visus Malum: New Imprint & Platform For Music, Photography and Merchandise

Visus Malum is the new home of Brennen Grey
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
October 14, 2020

Brennen Grey Launches Visus Malum: New Imprint & Platform For Music, Photography and Merchandise

Visus Malum is the new home of producer, DJ and all-around artist Brennen Grey.

With support from and releases on labels such as Carl Cox’s Intec and Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek, Brennen Grey’s rise as a producer and DJ has been impossible to miss.

We hosted him in Los Angeles in 2019 for a sold-out night alongside Pleasurekraft and seeing him perform behind the decks, with the crowd in a complete frenzy, highlighted just how much he has cemented his place in the electronic music space.

Yet, there is much more depth to Brennen’s artistry than his music production and skills behind the decks. With the launch of Visus Malum Brennen now introduces the world and his fans to a side of his work that goes beyond music, and includes photography, video production, merchandise and an upcoming record label by the same name.

“For years I truly believed you needed to keep your art separate… I thought ‘Specialized = Success.’

I graduated from a (then) prestigious Art school with a Bachelors in Photography and went on to shoot Advertising and Editorial fashion before I found my love for producing music.

When I started making Techno, the early days were a combination of shooting as a “day job” and then coming back to the studio and making music. I always felt like one diluted the other… that no one would take either seriously if I did both! I kept it separate and rarely told anyone about the other side! Well fuck that! Artists make art… And a lot of it!

If Covid has taught me anything its the zen quote, “be like water”. There was a day where being ridged and steadfast was a positive trait but now more than ever being flexible and multidimensional is often the only way to survive. I have shot for a huge number of the biggest publications and the highest end jewelry and beauty clients in the world and none of that matters… what matters is the art and the way the art makes you feel… just like the techno we all love and escape to I hope some of this art helps you escape to a better feeling.” — Brennen Grey



Visus Malum translates from Latin to English as “Visual Damage” or “Visual Evil” and it perfectly encapsulates what you find on the newly-launched site.

Visus Malum launched today and on the site you can find some of Brennen Grey’s best works in photography, including prints available for purchase and merchandise.


“Home of all my photography, prints, music videos, merchandise and all things Brennen Grey! This will also be the home and name of my record label launching in 2021! All releases on the label will get music videos for their release, shot and directed by me… think “Wood Kid” meets Techno…

On the site now are some of my personal favorites, plus you might notice some work from Factory 93, Steve Angello… and a nice little surprise in the store section!” — Brennen Grey


Click HERE to check out the Official Brennen Grey website: Visus Malum.

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