Brendon Moeller Live PA

Author : Lee Trotter
October 20, 2014

Brendon Moeller Live PA

brendon moeller live

Like many major cities, New York is no stranger to quality dance music. Everything from house to techno the city has it going on. One of many artists currently residing in the city is Brendon Moeller, a true professional when it comes to production and live performance.

Moeller, also known as Echologist and Beat Pharmacy, has quite the résumé when it comes to releases. Specializing in dub techno on labels like Electric Deluxe, Echocord, and Abstract Theory, he likes to sneak in the occasional house release. That being said, Brendon Moeller truly is a craftsman when it comes to dub techno textures. He has the ability to inject a certain life to his tracks that make them so recognizable, yet so unique.

To kick start our Monday, here’s a live performance that Moeller did exclusively for the RYC (Reclaim Your City) Podcast. It’s a fantastic journey through techno, and his live performance is the perfect explanation as to why he is the master of dub techno. Enjoy the set, and have a great week!