Breaking Bread With Bjørnson!

Author : Mark Grossane
May 25, 2023

Breaking Bread With Bjørnson!

Bjørnson is a Stuttgart-based DJ and producer who has been fostering his talent for raw and hypnotic techno for over a decade. He has a growing discography of quality cuts to his name, as well as countless performances alongside electronic music’s elite. Bjørnson is a rising star in the techno scene and his music is sure to continue to gain popularity in the years to come. He speaks to SIX AM about his achievements so far and future projects.

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Hi Bjørnson! Thanks so much for talking to SIX AM, how are you doing?

Hey! It is a pleasure, thanks for having me. I’m fine, thanks for asking. At the moment I am in the studio a lot as I have some projects that I would like to release in the second half of the year.


You’ve had quite the impressive performance history, what was it like to open for some huge electronic music’s artists, the likes of Sam Paganini, Marika Rossa, AKA AKA, and more? Any highlights or shows that really sticks out to you?

Yes, there were some highlights. But if I had to pick two shows, I’d go with 2013’s AKA AKA and last month’s show with Anna Reusch. In 2013 the guys from AKA AKA were my absolute heroes, the club was completely full and I gave my first autograph that evening :D. That was pretty crazy.

In April I played the closing after Anna Reusch at “Frida’s Pier” in Stuttgart. That was a great experience. The location is an old ship in which coal used to be transported in the past. Completely dark, a special lighting system and a Funktion One sound system. That was a real highlight for me.


How did your release on KD Raw in 2022, with massive support from Richie Hawtin and Joris Voorn, impact your career in the techno scene?

First and foremost, it has led to my being perceived as an artist. I remember sitting in the studio on the Awakenings weekend last spring, my phone rang and I got a message from the Joyhauser guys asking me to send them the track. That was a bit strange, but it just shows that you are respected. I also owe the contact to Juliet Fox to this release.

Your release on Timmo’s imprint Hypnostate also had huge support by such heavy hitters ANNA, Wehbba, Victor Ruiz, Alex Stein, Joyhauser and many more- How did this support also impact your career? Did this influence your music in any way?

Of course, as an up-and-coming artist, you have a bit of the romantic notion that after a release on a label like this, one booking request after another flies in the house, but that’s just not the case. It is a long process in which continuity is what counts most. And then one thing leads to another. That’s also what the artists who support my music keep telling me. Above all, Alex Stein, who is now more than just a mentor, supports me on this path a lot.

And yes, this support also had an impact on my music. On the one hand very positive, because with each release it motivates me more and more to achieve my goals.
On the other hand, unfortunately, also negatively, because I put myself under pressure now and that doesn’t make everything so easy for me anymore. This destroys creativity. But that’s a part of the game.


What are you most looking forward to about your upcoming EP on Heimatliebe Records?

I’m really looking forward to next week’s release. Mainly because it’s my first three track EP. And then on “Heimatliebe” a label from my home region. “Heiamtliebe” was one of the first labels that gave me a chance and supported me. I’m really very convinced of the tracks and believe that they will definitely be heard at one or the other festival over the summer. I was really happy about the first feedback from Wehbba, who especially likes the first track “Freddie”. I’m very excited to see how the EP will be received.


What else do you have for our audience to look forward to?

There will definitely be another release on “Nutar Viva Music” this year. However, there is no release date yet. At the moment I’m working on an EP which is expected to come out in August. But I can’t reveal the label just yet ;-).

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