Q&A with Boris – From Airwaves to the Club with Transmissions

Author : Jennifer Liu
December 11, 2015

Q&A with Boris – From Airwaves to the Club with Transmissions

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“Believe in Boris” are the words iterated by many who follow the man that has been at the forefront of the New York electronic music scene since the early 90s. Head of Transmit Recordings and producer of the Transmissions broadcast which is aired all across the world, Russian native Boris resides in the top tier of artists that have shaped the club identity.

With an exceptional history of residency at many New York City nightclubs including Pacha, Crobar, and Roxy, Boris is an international sensation playing regularly at renowned clubs like Space in Miami and New York and Womb in Tokyo in addition to having a track record at festivals like BPM in Mexico.

This year, Boris debuted with two sold out shows at Space Ibiza in New York and is currently underway with the launch of his Transmissions events. He will also be doing a label showcase of Transmit Recordings at BPM next month alongside Marco Bailey. Check out our interview with the man himself below.

Boris: Official Site | Facebook | Soundcloud

Q&A with Boris


Hello Boris! How are you doing, and where are you today?

Doing good! I’m in Miami getting ready for my show this Saturday at Space. 

We are excited for the inception of your Transmissions event in Miami with Cocodrills this month. What inspired you to bring the airwaves of Transmissions to the club setting?

Transmissions is based off of my weekly radio show we do, that features a different guest, and is syndicated in seventy countries. So each Transmissions branded event with have myself and someone from the radio show playing together. Maybe even some back to back action!

1N9A7904The club has always been a prolific part of electronic music culture. How was it performing in the club when you first began? Comparatively, how is it now?

Space and the Terrace have always been a magical place to showcase my marathon sets and to incorporate different selections of music, due to playing so many hours. I always say that it’s like three different nights incorporated into one. You have the night that’s more darker, you have the early morning that’s for more upbeat house stuff, and you have the afternoon that’s meant for whatever goes. That’s what makes Space Miami so unique. Not much has changed there except a whole new generation of kids are going there now. 

Recently you traveled overseas to perform at WOMB. How was your set? What was your impression of the music and culture in Tokyo?

I’ve played in Tokyo six times and each time I fall more and more in love with that city, and country. The people are educated and really into the music. And Womb in itself is one of the best clubs in the world. The sound, lighting, and space itself is built like an old school NYC club. It’s truly one of a kind…

When traveling, what are some DJ essentials that you like to bring with you?

Laptop of course, along with a good pair of headphones which enables me to get my playlist together during my flights. And a newspaper so it can help me get through the flight.

323What are some of your favorite DJ booths and clubs around the world?

I love the DJ booth at Output in NY. That booth is perfect because it was built by a DJ. Space NY is another amazing DJ booth, the way it sounds in the booth is amazing. Space Miami of course, due to facing the entire club and seeing everything. Beta in Denver is another great booth and Pacha Marrakech was another. So many out there! I’m lucky to have played a few.

You’re a regular of BPM Festival, how will your label showcase with Marco Bailey this year bring something new to the table?

We’re always trying to bring new things to a showcase, whether it be talent, music, marketing or production. We always have to keep it fresh. 

What are your aspirations for yourself as well as dance music in 2016 and beyond?

For the label (Transmit Recordings) to grow even bigger, to have more successful showcases and shows around the world, and of course to have dance music become even bigger and reach more people. 

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