Blamhaus Never Stops the Grind for Techno

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Author : Chelsi Sherrell
July 25, 2022

Blamhaus Never Stops the Grind for Techno

Blamhaus has been busy with focusing on his three labels, WOŁNO, and B-Haus, and his latest label Echtraí, as well as staying productive with releasing dance-worthy tracks on all three labels. From receving support from Josh Wink, Joris Voorn, Ben Sims, Alexi Delano, Paul Ritch, Laurent Garnier, DJ Bone, B.Traits, Paco Osuna, Young Male, Luigi Madonna, and many, many others Blamhaus continues to show his relentess talent and innovative passion for the techno industry.

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Welcome to 6AM Blamhaus, we’re looking forward to getting to know you and your journey. Tell us how your 2022 has been going so far. 

It has been going well, very busy. There is never enough time to get in the studio. Been building on the work of the past 5 years, expanding the roster, and working with exciting people. It’s taken longer than anticipated though.

Buy ‘Vector’ EP

You’ve been busy running multiple labels Echtraí, WOŁNO, and B-Haus. Can you describe what the main focus is for each of the labels musically? 

Echtraí and B-Haus are mainly techno-focused, sometimes we stray into house territory. Bass-heavy driving music is our focus. WOŁNO (a play on the polish word for slow) is about slower rhythms taking influences from hip-hop and dancehall right across to electronica and jungle.

Listen: Buuk “Vector” – Echtraí

Tell us more about your label Echtraí. What was the process like putting it all together? Can you share the meaning behind the label’s name? 

Echtraí (pronounced Eck-Tree) is the name given to the Celtic stories of the mythical otherworld. The artwork for the first release is inspired by “Reborn Sounds of Childhood Dreams” by Ibrahim El-Salahi. It is a hauntingly beautiful piece. This label will be dancefloor focused but blending between genres to keep things interesting.

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On Echtraí, you’ll be releasing Buuk’s EP Vector this July. First, congrats to you and the artist. What was the inspiration behind the EP? 

This EP is the result of Covid forcing Buuk to be stuck in an apartment for a week while on holiday. The full range of emotions are on display, showcasing frustration, anger to acceptance. It was also a chance to turn a negative situation into a positive/productive one. The EP has an old-school vibe to it with “2000” feeling very much like the techno I was listening to back then from labels such as Soma, Tresor, and Music man.

You’ll also be promoting the EP by doing a mix of it on Rob Zile’s Brain Food station (Kiss FM Australia) at the start of August. What do you hope the audience will feel when listening to your rendition?

A mixture of old and new. Classic tracks from Silent phase and LFO, more recent ones from Zvrra, Air Max 97 to forthcoming Echtrai releases from Tr One and myself. Hopefully, people can enjoy the roots of the music while appreciating when new generations of producers are pushing it.

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Any new music or other projects on the horizon?

There will be a mini album from Bazrah on Wolno at the end of August, and the next release for Echtraí will be from Tr One which is due to be released Sept/October. It has two quality original tracks from Eddie with a remix from myself. I have also just completed a remix for Brain Food records, I think that should be coming out this year also.

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