Black Girl/White Girl New EP Marks Debut on HE.SHE.THEY

Black Girl/White Girl new EP
Author : Daisy Magana
February 04, 2021

Black Girl/White Girl New EP Marks Debut on HE.SHE.THEY

Black Girl/White Girl has a new EP out called Extravaganzza, and it marks their debut on HE. SHE. THEY. The Black Girl/White Girl sound is never static, and their captivating new EP is brimming with dance floor potential. They thrive on experimentation and that been one major force that makes our music unique.

The EP’s title track “Extravaganzza” keeps the listener locked with an urgent vibe, utilizing deep kicks and dark bass tones, blistering metallic percussion, and loopy, mind-altering vocals to keep the energy climbing higher. Black Girl/White Girl layer swathes of velvety smooth synth pulses juxtaposed with razor-sharp chords into the mix to perfectly ramp up this stomping, funk-driven track that will leave you gasping for air.

Listen: Black Girl/White Girl “Extravaganzza” – HE.SHE.THEY.


“Extravaganzza” ventures down a sonic rabbit hole. The result? Two raw, hypnotic techno cuts that are different from anything they’ve ever created before. “This is a whole new exciting chapter we’ve just begun, and we’re excited to release this record on the wonderful HE. SHE. THEY. as it’s the perfect home for these tracks, and ourselves as artists,” says the duo. “They’re doing an amazing job at pushing for equality and bringing the LGBTQ community together, so we’re feeling pretty happy to be a part of that. We want to show that especially as a minority, being yourself can be a great asset. We can all fully pursue all of our dreams and carve out space for ourselves to be visible, to make our dreams reality, even more so when we come together as one.”

“‘Extravaganzza’ is quite simply about being yourself. At the beginning of our career, it was pretty difficult to feel at home in the music industry, not just as women, but also as queer people and POCs. Some 8 years later, we’re still here and feeling more empowered than ever. That’s the message we want to send into the world. Stay true to your values, believe in yourself, put in the work, and everything will fall into place.”

On inspiration behind the EP’s title track, Black Girl / White Girl

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1. Black Girl / White Girl – Baby’s First Rave (Original Mix)
2. Black Girl / White Girl – Extravaganzza (Original Mix)


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