Better Days, And The Dance Floor, Are Coming

WORK Los Angeles by @nightmovesme
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 05, 2021

Better Days, And The Dance Floor, Are Coming

Perhaps you had a great 2019 and, as an up-and-coming artist, you had started to get your first string of well-exposed DJ gigs before the pandemic hit.

There are many producers who finally landed on their favorite record label, only to see the entire music industry ground to a halt.

Maybe you had made the kind of 2020 traveling plans you had been dreaming about all your life, and instead got stuck inside your home most of the year.

Some of you moved to a new city and couldn’t wait to enjoy it to its fullest, only to find yourself unable to meet new people or experience everything that you thought was going to be at your disposal.

2020 halted many of our plans. We, at 6AM, had so much planned for the rest of the year and given how well things were going prior to lockdown (if you were at our 999999999, Paula Temple or I Hate Models events, you know what I am talking about), 2020 was meant to be our best year so far.

Except it wasn’t.

The good news is that history is always teaching us lessons, and lessons from the past tell us that whenever it seems like all is lost and dark, light begins to shine through and it gives way to better days.

That is what happened to those who lived through the Spanish Flu and Great Depression, and to those who survived World Wars and political turmoil. It is true, 2020 was a dark year and too many lives were lost, just as they were unfortunately lost in many of history’s darkest event. But it is also true that mankind has faced many pandemics in its countless thousands of years on Earth, no matter how novel this new virus is. We, as a species, have always persevered and survived.

“Fortune behaves as she pleases, what she gives, she takes away… but she eventually gives again. It’s how it works.” – Ryan Holiday

If you’re reading this email it means that you have made it through until today. You probably struggled (I have), but you are still here, aren’t you?

No one can say when the good days will come, but they will come.

And when those days are here, so will the dance floor.

In California, State officials finally announced that indoor events can start up again, albeit with a ton of restrictions and very, very limited capacity. While this is not the end of the tunnel, it is the light that we have been craving for these last 13 long, arduous months.

So far we have waited 13 long months to rave together with you guys, and we are confident that we only need to wait a couple, maybe a few, more until we can put on an event that is both safe and worth organizing for you guys.

Because you know we don’t like to do things halfway. While we are not waiting for things to be “back to normal” you also know we want to give you a proper and safe experience.

All we ask is a bit more patience. All we ask is that you hold on a bit more.

They say that in life nothing is certain except death, and yet I feel certain that our rapturous return to the dance floor is coming up. I feel certain that our community will be rewarded for its patience, its perseverance and its resilience.

Keep the faith my House + Techno friends, keep the faith.

P.S. Last week we dropped 2 new dad hats, one dedicated to our warehouse events with “location tba” stitched in the front, and the other dedicated to our Anti Techno Techno Club line. Check them out HERE!


Cover photo: WORK Los Angeles by @nightmovesme