Best Post Party Chill-Out Tracks

Author : Lee Trotter
May 11, 2015

Best Post Party Chill-Out Tracks


We’ve all had this moment…You attend one of those club nights where the music and rhythm conquer all, and by the time the morning comes all you really want to do is sit, relax, and watch the sunrise somewhere. Sure there may be an after party going down somewhere but that’s not in the cards for you. But just because you’re not keeping the party going doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a peaceful soundtrack to your morning.

Here’s a collection with some of our favorite chill-out, ambient, and post-party tracks to enjoy after a proper night of raving.

Newworldaquarium – Thousand Oaks


Ostgut Ton is the record label associated with the famed Berghain in Berlin. Like any record label, Ostgut Ton adheres to a very distinctive and recognizable style of music that gives the label and brand it’s unique identity. While the label has released massive and pulsating techno over the years from the likes of Terence Fixmer, Marcel Dettman, Nick Höppner, Norman Nodge, and more…there is a peaceful side to Ostgut Ton too.

On Panorama Bar 06 we enter the contemplative moments that may be experienced in the famed techno Mecca. Newworldaquarium delivers Thousand Oaks, a completely beat-less ambient piece that captures so many emotions. Ambient pads and spacey textures leave one feeling as if you’re suspended in a stasis. As the sun starts to rise and you look back on the evening, let Thousand Oaks be the soundtrack to your thoughts.

Slam – Reverse Proceed Album

Slam DJ

Slam’s 2014 album, Reverse Proceed, is the pinnacle of a proper electronica/techno release. From the opening track of Tokyo Subway the album keeps layering itself into multifaceted dimensions of ambient electronica and techno. Weaving through ambient bliss in the form of tracks like Visual Capture and Reverse Proceed, the album proceeds to take things to a more danceable realm with tracks like Pattern A3 and Factory Music. The first few tracks truly capture the morning atmosphere after the party, and overall Reverse Proceed is a fantastic electronic album.

If mainroom vibes are what you’re after you might want to check out some of the remixes of Factory Music.

Claro Intelecto – Momento

Claro Intelecto

Manchester based artist, Claro Intelecto, is a magician when it comes to procuring hypnotic electronic music with a little bit of a kick. On his album Warehouse Session we see Claro Intelecto take things in many directions. One of which being his low slung tripped out take on the original track Momento. While it’s not a beat-less ambient track by any means, it has all the elements of an early morning after hour burner. A deep kick and rumbling bassline lays at the foundation, as a FM treated lead pulls you deeper and deeper into the afterhour. It’s distant, provocative, and done with class that only few artists can pull off.

Donato Dozzy – Aqua 2


Italian artist, Donato Dozzy, is the definition of a sonic craftsman. He’s a deep techno specialist capable of delivering intricate compositions as well as techno best suited for the main room of a club night. Aqua 2 is one of the tracks coming from his album, The Aquaplano Sessions, and it does not disappoint. The entire album is fantastic, with Aqua 2 being one of our favorites.



We first found out about TM404 through his set in the MIND Room at Richie Hawtin’s ENTER Party in Ibiza. While it does have ambient moments, it is by no means an ambient set. He caught our attention with his precise control and programming of instruments like the 303 and 909 drum machines, amongst many others., and that inclined us to look further into the catalog of Andreas Tilliander. From the tracks on his Soundcloud we were drawn into the deep textures of Time Track, a heady electronic piece from his Mokira alias.

Steve Foulds – Black Light

black hole

Black Light is dub techno at it’s finest. Right as the track starts the audio spectrum is filled with white noise and quintessential dubbed out chords that give the track a sense of peaceful tension. The chords obviously carry the track, but like most dub techno one must hone in on the sonic subtleties that all contribute to curating the cohesive vibe.

Petre Inspirescu – Talking Waters

 Romania is no stranger to long parties and beautiful mornings. With a full low end and floating percs, Talking Waters locks you in to an entrancing rhythm that is the perfect way to wind down from a long night. Throughout the 14 minute journey of the track, Petre Inspirescu include the beautiful sounds of a steel drum that gives Talking Water that extra bit of flare making this an essential addition to the post-party playlist.