Best Music Promotion Service: 8 Ways To Promote Your Track Or Album

Best Music Promotion Service
Author : Angel Lebailly
March 31, 2022

Best Music Promotion Service: 8 Ways To Promote Your Track Or Album

Congrats on your new music! It was worth spending some time in the studio but now that you have a final product in hand, it’s time to make this release stand out of the crowd. Planning a release and deciding which type of activities to handle depends on the style of music and each artist has her or his own approach. However, if you are curious to have an overview of some key activities to take into account, 6AM has got you covered.

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Now you have launched this stunning release and would love to share your new music with the world. What is the best music promotion service you shall explore? 6AM has compiled some planning and ideas of activities that you should check out in order to make it a successful release. This includes some free ways to promote your music but also some paid services to expand to new heights and reach out to more fans, or at least those who would love your music.


1. Newsletter and Email Marketing

Most producers and djs apart from big labels and lesser known labels are switching away from promoting new music via a traditional newsletter. Yet building a decent database of contacts can provide you with great opportunities as newsletter remains one of the key pillars of music promotion. Think of how Bandcamp works as fans subscribe to the shop of the artists they follow or buy from. Think of music smart links such as to grow your audience and capture emails or fan data. You can then send out a newsletter with news such as new music releases or merchandising and connect directly to your fans.

2. Streaming Services

With billions of users on Spotify and Apple Music, artists can reach out to new avenues to grow their fanbase and get heard. You can claim your artist profile on Spotify easily or on Apple Music. Using streaming services remains one of the best music promotion services you can explore out there without spending a lot- unless you go for Spotify ads. Once you have claimed your artist profile, you can customize your banner, images and music releases there and check the stats throughout the month and see how many people are following you or listening to you. You can also use a service such as Ditto Music to spread out your music to most streaming platforms in one go.

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3. Instagram and Targeted Social Media

Today fans, artists, and labels rely heavily on Instagram for music promotion. Yet it is true that over the years, it has become more difficult to reach out to the right people and grow the fanbase organically on this platform. You can allocate a small budget for Instagram ads or a targeted social media post featuring an Instagram reel and feed post featuring your song, cover art and link to buy the release.

4. Sync Licensing 

Sync Licensing is a music license granted by the artist or owner of the music, allowing the licensee to synchronize music with some kind of visual media. Sync Licensing is a great way to earn money and can be extremely rewarding if you manage to negotiate a deal for your music to appear in a TV commercial, TV advertising or film. In order to get the rights to use your music, creators such as film producers pay you a fee. For instance, Luigi Tozzi’s beautiful track “Yavin 4” was played by Dior stores in France. Check out this guide in case you would love to pursue more about sync licensing as a way to promote your new music. 

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5. Radio and Press 

Radio is still powerful today as well as editorial and artists’ bio. Dublab, Reboot FM, NTS radio, and of course BBC 6 music are fantastic avenues for artists to share their new music with devoted fans and music listeners. But let’s face the truth: It’s easy to have a radio show if you know somebody in the industry; but it’s very unlikely. Unless you pay a certain company to do some radio placements for you such as Guerilla Music in Berlin, getting a radio show without any connections is near to impossible.

Check out Radio Airplay which can give you some tips on how to promote your new music to radios.


6. Paid advertising

Another best music promotion service can be paid advertising such as Facebook ads, Youtube ads, Spotify ads and Instagram ads. It’s worth allocating some of your budget to try out – but remember to target your audience precisely beforehand. If you want to make your life easy and still reach out to the right audience, you can check out another best music promotion service as offered by 6AM which includes social media blast on Twitter, Facebook post as well as Instagram reel and feed post. 

Enroll in ArtistMap, a roadmap program for house and techno artists, to develop the mindset, discipline, and strategies for becoming a professional electronic music artist in today’s environment.


7. Premieres and Playlist Promotion 

Nowadays, premieres via blogs, music magazines or Soundcloud are a requirement for a successful music promotion. “Playlisting” also plays a critical role in influencing new audiences as it promotes your music via another artist, who is already well known. For instance, Angel’s track “Coincidence” (2021) released on SLR was playlisted in a large curated ambient playlist on Spotify, which enabled more people to discover the track. 


8. Editorial and Guest Mixes or Live Streams

Interviews and blog hype, as well as reaching out to publicists and press, definitely make one of the best music promotion services. Make sure you can craft an outstanding artist bio with relevant press shots and hire a publicist who can work for you to generate interviews and press coverage for your new music. The best combo would be to create an editorial alongside a guest mix for a relevant magazine. Or simply do a livestream that lets you showcase your music skills and new music all at the same time!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading and that you learned some great ways to promote your new music. Feel free to reach out in case you are interested in premiering a track at 6AM or simply do some cool marketing for your new release with 6AM.

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