Best Crypto Exchanges in 2022

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 21, 2022

Best Crypto Exchanges in 2022

Before you invest in crypto currency, the first thing you need to figure out is a credible exchange. This will not only help you secure your crypto assets but also give you access to a pool of digital currencies. That way, you can easily diversify your portfolio and increase chances of getting Return on investment.

Whether you are new or an established crypto trader, the importance of choosing the right crypto exchange cannot be underscored. All you need is choose a platform that best suits your investment portfolio, like Crypto Nation Pro.

If you want to buy or sell digital currencies, you will have to use a cryptocurrency exchange. Just like stock brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges provide users with tools to enable them sell and buy digital currencies like Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. 

Some of the factors that you need to consider before choosing a cryptocurrency include security features, withdrawal options, pricing and supported digital currencies.

In this article, we explore some of the key exchanges that you can use to trade and secure your digital currency.


Coinbase is not only the largest crypto exchange but also comes with better security features. To access more features, you can opt for Coinbase pro which features indicators and charts to enable you trade from an informed point of view.

Unlike other crypto exchanges flooded with controversies, Coinbase has maintained a positive image. Aside from proving a user friendly platform, the platform comes with insurance option for custodial wallets which guarantees the safety of your digital assets.

Therefore if you are sceptical about investing in digital currencies, you should embrace the Coinbase pro version to access more advanced features.


We have featured Bisq on this list since it comes with more advanced security features compared to any other standard crypto exchange. The peer to peer decentralised exchange cant be taken down just like Bitcoin.

The key benefit of using Bisq is that it is non-custodial meaning no any other person can control the funds safe for the user. The platform differs from other exchanges since it gives user’s total control over their funds. This is contrary to Coinbase which takes full control of users funds denying them an opportunity to own their private keys. Should anything happen then the platform can freeze your account at will.


Binance made it to the list since it offers a wide range of digital currencies beyond the standard digital assets. Founded in 2017 with a focus on trading altcoins, the exchange dominates the world of crypto thereby featuring one of the largest crypto trading volumes.

The main benefit of using Binance is that it not only allows users to buy various digital currencies through debit and credit cards but also allows deposits using over 12 types of fiat currencies including the Euro.

On the flip side, Binance mainly suits users who want to trade in less known altcoins. However, if you are looking for a more advanced charting and access to over 50 digital currencies, then Binance is a perfect choice for you.

Some of the features that make Binance impressive is that it comes with charting abilities and reasonable fees that suits the budget of every user.

#4.Cash App

Last on the list is cash app. The unique aspect bout the platform is that it lets users to withdraw to other digital currency wallets. Aside from a user friendly interface, the peer to peer money transfer system lets users exchange traded funds (ETFs), exchange Bitcoin and invest in stocks.

For beginners looking for a way they can buy Bitcoin, the Cash app is an ideal exchange platform that you can buy from. Additionally, first time crypto investors can easily use the platform thanks to a mobile friendly interface that the platform has.


Whether you are an established crypto investor or just started with crypto, the first step you need to take is choosing the right crypto exchange. That way, you not only avoid losing your funds on unscrupulous platform but also improve chances of growing your crypto portfolio.

One of the key factor that you need to consider before choosing the right crypto exchange is whether the platform offers a wide range of crypto coupled by better security features. Should you make the right choice then you stand a chance to join the bandwagon of the most successful crypto traders in the world.