Berlin Group Deorbiting Create Nostalgia with 80s Synthwaves

DJ group Deorbiting
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
April 05, 2022

Berlin Group Deorbiting Create Nostalgia with 80s Synthwaves

Operating out of the European techno Mecca that is Berlin, Deorbiting – alias Christian Schilgen, Christoph Deckert, and now joined by their Austrian drummer Bernhard aren’t your usual electronic bass-wavers.

Veering off the mainstream genre-bound electronics, the German group has been forging their own musical concept with little to no regard for “scenes” and “trends”.

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Deorbiting has a knack for pulling out emotions from machines. By mixing elements that sound cosmic and explorative, the group knows how to create rhythms that can bring the feeling of life and bring those that love electronic music together.

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Listen: ‘World Apart’ – Stil vor Talent

From countless overnight studio sessions and improvised jam sessions, Christian Schilgen and Christoph Deckert have laid the foundation of what sets Deorbiting apart – their signature ethereal, deep-house sound, but with an 80’s synth-wave flair.

Since creating ‘Paranorama’ on Stil vor Talent, followed by ‘Sic Transit Gloria Mundi’ and their latest project, ‘Depolar” that featured artist Pølaroit, the group has been creating hits non-stop. With their recent March 2022 release, ‘Space House’ Deorbiting brings yet another narrative album that is filled with the ambiance of flying through uncharted territories in an otherworldly dimension, or outer space.

Listen: ‘Serenity’ feat. Serenity (Short Edit) – Stil vor Talent

Even better, the cohesiveness of the album’s 80’s motifs and Casio synths bring about a sense of retro nostalgia and euphoria. If retro video games, VHS tapes, or cartoons like Steven Universe that have similar music are your vibe, then this album is something to consider adding to your list.

Listen: Space House Album – Stil vor Talent

Along with their many projects, ‘Space House’ is definitely a defining turn for the duo-turned-trio. Grinding in every facet of sound the group may find of interest, Deorbiting will have listeners spinning out of their comfort zones by ironically orbiting listeners into themselves – basically, an all-embracing cosmic wormhole of the self.

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