Berlin City Guide with Kaiser Souzai

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 30, 2018

Berlin City Guide with Kaiser Souzai

Making concrete waves throughout the music underground and carving a reputation internationally with his live performance, popular event nights and taste-making record label Ballroom Records, Berlin based Kaiser Souzai is an unstoppable force within the industry.

With the creation of his own musical genre of Art-rock Tech, drawing influence from ’70s greats such as Pink Floyd, Genesis and Yes, yet still keeping his roots of deep and progressive techno, electrifying dance floors across the globe.

We asked the label-head, producer and DJ to share five of his favorite spots in Berlin. Enjoy his pics below:

Since I live in Berlin Mitte, the new central area, I only chose locations that I can actually walk to from my home, all within a 10 minutes walk, except Mensch Meier, which is a 10 minute drive on my Vespa Scooter and is located in Lichtenberg, east of Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg.

Mensch Meier

The part of Berlin, called “Lichtenberg” that also hosts the better known “Sisyphos” and “Konsorten” is also home to a very fine club address “Mensch Meier”, lesser known to the foreign armada of techno tourists but more so for the berlin connoisseurs of club music. The club hosts up to three floors and different crews showcases all kinds of music between Drum’n Bass, Techno, Psy Trance and other genres. The vibe is wild, colourful, messy, lots of paints and graffiti’s everywhere , back to the roots, family atmo.
If you haven’t been there already, ckeck one of their parties out. I personally love to spin and play there, the crowd is great, up for it and homogen, which is always the rock solid base for a great night out.

Beach Mitte

No, you are not on an island in the indian ocean, you are much more central, right in the middle of Berlin, there is a place called “Beach Mitte”, which hosts the biggest areal of an inner city open air beach and- more important- 50(!) beach volley ball fields to enjoy your after work playing routine. I started get my beach volley ball going after years of not palying and it feels like going on a vacation trip. After, you enjoy the sun, drinks, some easy going food or – in my case- Weizenbier. For me the most chilled place east of Goa.


A little secret , it seems, is the restaurant “Heimlichtreu” in Berlin Mitte, Anklamer Strasse 38 in there very back of a berlin-typical “Hinterhof” backyard. Why secret ? The owner do not advertise or promote, they keep low, right below a star restaurant to keep the star-food-tourists out and the atmo family style. All tables are reserved and so, not so much of a secret after all. Go for the 4 course- menue if you like to check out the widest array of dishes created by the chief cook David Zglinicky (formerly at star restaurant “First Floor). The cocktais have been created by Arnd Heissen, the bar chief of Ritz Carlton and owner of Bar Fragrance. So he knows what he’s doing. Sit in the garden in summer or the loft-sytle inside. Just go and get yourself surprised.

Lost My Love To Italy

The Mafia has taken over Torstrasse in Mitte? No, but a small sicilian Cafe has taken over the corner at Bergstrasse. Two friendly fellas from Sicily serve Coffee, Espresso and croissants in the morning and some nice rose and red wine plus antipasti till midnight. The outdoor area invites to chill and palaver with the neighbourhood, or watch the fleeting traffic which you are not a part of. So if you are in the area, shuffle right over and you will most likely meet me there.

My Balcony

Home is where the heart is? Nope, home is where the balcony is, in this case my balcony in my Mitte flat. It’s where I chill and more important, work
A lot of Pre Productions are made her on my laptop, creating beats and songs, when it’s to hot ands steamy in the studio in summer I hang in the cool breeze of my backyard
balcony. The ones who know me know, that I make music wherever I go in every corner of the world, on a flight, airport, under palm trees and beaches, deserts and mountain hills.
So I’m quite comfortable being a digital laptop producer nomad. Writing these lines, I’m back on my balcony and when you holler from the back of Stadtbad Mitte I will wave back to you.

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