Berlin City Guide with Cesar Merveille

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 16, 2019

Berlin City Guide with Cesar Merveille

Dance music was always about having fun. It’s an ethos that has not escaped Cesar Merveille, the Paris-born enchanter whose ascent through the ranks of house and techno has been powered by an irrepressible joie de vivre, matched only by a desire to be challenged by everything he does.

Encouraged by creative freedom during his formative years, Cesar learnt to listen to his instincts and keep a healthy dose of soul in everything he turned his hand to.

The following years, spent immersed in London’s underground, soon found Cesar Merveille holding residencies for such fabled parties as Lo-Kee and the T-Bar. It was his later partnership with Cadenza that propelled really Cesar to the world stage, providing a platform for his music to reach a broad audience and enabling him to command dancefloors big and small the world over.

Such exposure has also given rise to new artistic ventures, most notably working with long-time friend Ryan Crosson on the “DRM” project. The full-length album from the pair came to light on Visionquest, providing space for them to explore textures and moods unconstrained by the dancefloor’s demands.

From his current base in Berlin, Cesar Merveille has embraced the natural workflow of hardware production, immersing himself in a studio powered by machines and intuition. His new label Roche Madame is a product of this, channeling the creative energy of musical allies to give rise to new collaborations. Inspired by a secret family location off the coast of Brittany, the label is both a tribute to his roots and a celebration of the here and now, a moment that Cesar is forever living in.

As the head of Roche Madame, Cesar’s latest project has been the release of Felipe Valenzuela’s latest EP, a three-tracker simply titled Roche Madame 005 which you can listen to and purchase here.

Constantly feeding off his environment, Cesar’s unbridled energy finds him operating both as a world-class DJ, and as an artist embracing innovation whilst committed to his grounding principle of music as pleasure. With Berlin as his new home, we asked Cesar to share some of his favorite locations in the German capital for our newest City Guide of a long series which you can find here.

Club Der Visionaere

There is no doubt that this should be number one on the list. It s the first place i discovered in Berlin over 10 years and by far my favourite. The location, the people, the music. It’s my second family.


One of the most renowned record store in the world. I happen to live 50 meters away from it.

It has everything you might want, of course, a huge techno and house selection but a lot more from jazz to independent and experimental music.

A must for any music lover

Motiv wein

Specialised in natural wines, this is a lovely little bar in Neukölln, It’s small but really cosy and also has a selection of records. This is my go-to place for a drink


One of my favourite for jazz and blues, this place has been open for 30 years. It’s lively, the jam sessions are amazing, it really has a unique atmosphere compared to other jazz places.

Cafe Strauss

Now, this is a bit more unusual. This cafe is located in a beautiful cemetery close to my house. It might sound creepy but I sometimes go for a walk in it to clear my head from the studio. It’s gorgeous and… the cafe inside make their own delicious schnapps! I recommend Mirabelle, that would be my favourite guilty pleasure.


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