Berghain/Panorama Bar Statistics: 7 Years of Data Analyzed

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 05, 2017

Berghain/Panorama Bar Statistics: 7 Years of Data Analyzed

Artiom Dashinsky is a designer and entrepreneur from Tel Aviv currently serving as a Project Designer at WeWork.

An avid fan of techno and house music, Artiom found himself visiting Berghain/Panorama Bar’s website to discover new artists to listen to. It is during one of these frequent visits that he decide to analyze all the data provided by the iconic Berlin venue and to present it in a way that usefully depicts trends and important data.

He ended up analyzing 7 years of data from Berghain, Panorama Bar, Lab.oratory and Säule to find out who are the most booked DJs, who is trending right now and a lot more. To extrapolate all the information, Artiom went through 8,253 total artist bookings, 21% of them LIVE acts.


It is possible that Ben Klock and Marcell Dettmann are the two most recognized acts to regularly play the various rooms at the club, but only Marcel ranks in the Top 5 list of DJs with most bookings in the past 7 years and he comes in placed 5th with 78 gigs. Ahead of him are Boris (96), Sammy Dee (87), Zip (86) and Norman Nodge (85) in that order. Rounding up the Top 10 from 6-10 we can find other residents such as Fiedel (76), Ben Klock (75), Marcel Fengler (70) as well as nd_baumacker and Len Faki joined at 69 each.

When looking at the data by rooms, Berghain’s most booked DJs are Norman Nodge, Boris, Marcel Dettmann Fiedel and Ben Klock in that order. Upstairs in Panorama Bar Sammy Dee takes the number 1 spot followed by Zip, Margaret Dygas, Tama Sumo and Steffi. Out of the total number of bookings, 50.5% are for Berghain, 47.5% at Panorama Bar, 1.8 at Lab.oratory and the last 0.2% at Säule.

Last year’s most booked sees 6 acts with a total of 10 gigs: Zip, Boris, Sammy Dee, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Ryan Elliott and Ben Klock. Massimiliano Pagliara, Margaret Dygas, Virginia and Kobosil are right behind them with 9 sets played throughout the last calendar year

The residency program at the club is obviously second to none, as expected at the world’s most respected techno and house institution with the top 10 DJs together representing 9% of all bookings

The above is data spanning 7 years, so who is actually coming up in popularity now with the Berghain crowd. A look at the list of DJs that started getting booked a lot recently. In it, we see artists such as Roi Perez, who was booked 4 times in 2015, 6 in 2016, 7 last year and is on course to play a total of 9 times by the end of 2017. Other notable names joining Perez for this special list are Konstantin, Etapp Kyle, Somewhen, Honey Dijon, Femme Phatale, Volvox, Dax J, Dr Rudinstein and Matrixxman.

Artiom suspects that his data is between 80% and 90% correct, noting that it only takes into account listings on Berghain’s official website and that b2b sets were hard to take in consideration as well. Check out the  Berghain Statistics website for more information.

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