Ben Sims Presents Synchronicity Part Two on Symbolism

Ben Sims Synchronicity
Author : Kevin Ching
November 05, 2021

Ben Sims Presents Synchronicity Part Two on Symbolism

UK techno icon Ben Sims releases Synochronicity Part Two on Symbolism. The second release in his Synchronicity series is a 20-track V/A featuring material from The Lady Machine, Insolate, Kerrie, Ritzi Lee, Eric Fetcher, Linear System and more.

Ben Sims Presents “Synchronicity Part Two”

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Following the summer release of Synchronicity Part One, which took in material from the likes of Blasha & Allatt, Cailín, Hemka and, Arnaud Le Texier, Synchronicity Part Two continues the storied UK label’s snapshot of the modern techno landscape with some of the freshest new artists and techno stalwarts contributing.

Ben Sims Synchronicity

Kerrie: Image Courtesy of Ben Sims PR

On Synchronicity Part Two, rhythmic, grinding cuts from Kerrie, Flaws, and Elisa Bee provide mechanical grooves. At the same time, Szmer, Eric Fetcher, and India’s Dotdat veer towards the discordant, trippy vibes that often appear on Symbolism releases. Anyone craving cavernous and rippling pounders are more than catered for here, too. The rightfully hyped Lady Machine and A Thousand Details don’t shy away from imposing, late-night sounds while thundering, boisterous numbers by Ritzi Lee, Johannes Volk, Lisa Oakes and Spanish legend Paula Cazenave punch through.

Ben Sims Synchronicity

Insolate: Image Courtesy of Ben Sims PR

Hypnotic sequences and otherworldly sounds run through much of the material on Synchronicity Part Two. Insolate, Private Press, Pushmann, Johannson & Fridell, Vinicius Honorio, Linear System, George Tounisidis, and Gotshell all conjure a range of musicality that work alongside their varied grooves and compositions, providing hooks, atmospheres, and, crucially, memorable moments throughout.

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Ben Sims Synchronicity

The Lady Machine: Image Courtesy of Ben Sims PR

Synchronicity Part Two sees Sims curate a broad but intricate mix of modern sonics in the techno whilst exhibiting some of the genre’s most exciting artists.

Ben Sims Presents Synchronicity Part Two via Symbolism is out now.


1) Kerrie – Dorian’s Groovebox

2) Szmer – Old Fella

3) Dotdat – In Circles

4) Insolate – Night Love

5) The Lady Machine – Swelter

6) Ritzi Lee – Tunnel effect

7) Private Press – Wiadomo Driven

8) Lisa Oakes – Warrior

9) FLAWS – Harmony

10) Pushmann – Human Reactions

11) Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell- Ufna

12) Johannes Volk – Density

13) Vinicius Honorio – All Bark, No Bite

14) Paula Cazenave – Datura

15) A Thousand Details – Rectifier Direct

16) Eric Fetcher – OC24.3

17) Linear System – Redemption

18) George Tounisidis – The Tunnel

19) Gotshell – Sphyraena

20) Elisa Bee – Miss Operator

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