Being Self-Disciplined as an Electronic Music Artist

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 28, 2017

Being Self-Disciplined as an Electronic Music Artist

The life of an electronic music artist looks all fun and glamour from the outside. People have this image of electronic artists getting lost in the music and making people move to the beat; lights glowing and dimming.

The thing is that this glamour and frequent environment that artists are exposed to are tempting. If they don’t give importance to right things, they can easily get lost in that and ultimately lose what they actually stand for. Therefore, the outsider’s thinking is wrong and if they are right, then they are probably looking at a poorly disciplined artist.

A real and dedicated electronic artist is more concerned about manufacturing the right sounds and beautiful rhythms. They hardly pay attention to the tempting environments that are often part of. If they do seem absorbed, then it is rather a thing of the moment. Beyond that stage or club, they have serious issues to think about and realistic goals to meet.

Temptations of the Industry

It is undeniable that to some extent, every artist wants to be famous. Fame does not have to be clichéd. It could be just the fierce acknowledgment of their work. Many artists reach that point and are well-loved among their fans. However, if you don’t reign yourself in, the artist can easily be swayed by the many temptations of the music industry. The electronic music scene is not shy of late nights, drugs, alcohol, and that outgoing fantasy life. If an artist falls for these traps, then they will gradually move away from their passion of music. And that is the downfall no electronic artist wants.

Self-Disciplining for the Electronic Artist

Here are a few steps that can help an electronic music artist can follow to maintain discipline in their life:

Creating a Balance

The balance between professional and personal life is important in any kind of career. But with music, you just don’t have to just worry about work hours meddling with your personal time. There are distractions like alcohol and late nights. You must balance what is healthy and in what amount. On the other hand, don’t let the professional life temptations follow into your personal life and vice versa.

Give Your Music Preference

Your talent, art, and passion are music. It is okay to feel the need to be well-accepted across the industry. But never forget that the way to that peak is through your music. If you don’t focus on the music first, fame won’t come. And even when you reach that peak, you can lose it but your passion will stay. So music should be the first priority always.

Sink or Swim

The temptations of the music industry can be strong. One of the best ways to stay on track is to be nothing but be disciplined. Therefore, take action and force situations where you either be disciplined or tip to the less healthy side.

Always keep your inspirations alive. As a music artist, look up to those who are better than you and keep their company.


Cover photo by Kevin Horstmann

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