Behrouz: Do Not Sit On The Furniture and the California Connection

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 26, 2017

Behrouz: Do Not Sit On The Furniture and the California Connection

On 4th of July weekend Los Angeles promoters Underrated Presents return to the scene with a follow-up day party to their successful Flying Circus rendition last month. Set to take place at a new location called The Viaduct, the July 1st afternoon-into-evening event will be a Do Not Sit showcase ideal for the summer afternoon sunshine in the City of Angels. Scheduled to perform are Do Not Sit head-honcho Behrouz, crafty track selector DJ Three, the deep and melodic Gab Rhome, local favorites Human Resources and more TBA.

This is a follow-up Los Angeles visit for Miami’s Do Not Sit On The Furniture brand, the second after their successful Thanksgiving Eve debut last year. The event will essentially be an extension of the Miami outfit’s very own club, aiming to provide an intimate experience filled with luscious sounds, captivating art and electric vibes.

Enter here for a chance to win VIP tickets to the day-into-evening party and read on for our interview with Do Not Sit boss Behrouz, who will be headlining on Saturday!

Hello, thank you for taking the time to chat with us all the way from Ibiza! How is it being on the island right now?

It’s very interesting this time of the year because in the beginning of the season, clubs are still not fully packed and a lot of promoters / club owners are nervous and trying to read what works and doesn’t work. It’s a great time to be in Ibiza, the weather has been amazing and lots of new venues.  Also, now we have so many events here on the weekends, more so on Sundays, which never used to have so many events.  You have Woomoon, Rumors, Acid Sunday, Pete Tong at Blue Marlin and Heart.  So, it’s become one of the best day of the week with events in Ibiza.

You’re playing at Hï for Black Coffee’s new residency at the new club. What are you expecting from the night?

I just played last night and it’s amazing to see how big Black Coffee’s name has become.  The night was amazing on every level. The sound system, the venue, the staff. It was an all around great show.  The new patio at Hï is super nice and I look forward to having a great residency there. We are doing a Do Not Sit On The Furniture showcase on July 29th with Thugfucker and Bill Patrick.

What are your thoughts on the new club?

As mentioned above, it’s going to a big game changer in Ibiza.  Overall, it’s an amazing space.

This weekend you’re landing back in the States and will actually be playing in Los Angeles for a special Do Not Sit showcase. What’s your relationship with LA as a city?

I have a very special relationship with LA. I grew up in San Francisco and because of my 13 years of experience with Burning Man, I’ve developed a very close relationship with fans in LA.  I love the city and love playing for the crowd in LA. The LA music scene is growing rapidly and people are getting into the music and vibe and there are so many amazing events happening in the city.

Anything in particular you look forward to doing or seeing when you’re back in LA?

Having the best Persian food (laughs).  Enjoying the weather which is always just perfect for me.  Also seeing my sister who lives there.

How do you feel Do Not Sit fits in with the music scene and lifestyle of LA, SoCal and California?

Do Not Sit came from a very special place for us. It’s a transplant from San Francisco into Miami. With this we also were able to share the Burning Man culture with the world, through our brand and our label Do Not On The Furniture Recordings.  We do over 120 shows a year at Do Not Sit On The Furniture in Miami alone.  Along with my influence, we’ve managed to become taste makers in the industry through my music and our brand.  So, it’s heavily influenced by California (my roots in San Francisco and Burning Man) and that’s why we have so many fans in California that understand our sound and the experience we offer to people in our shows.

You’re joined by DJ Three and Gab Rhome for this one. What was the thought-process behind this specific lineup?

DJ Three has been a good friend for many years and I have a lot of respect for him both as a DJ and a producer.  Also he’s a fellow American DJ and burner.  I think his name speaks for it all and we are very excited to have him at our show this Saturday.  Gab Rhome has been one of our residents at Do Not Sit and we are a big fan of his production.  He understands our vibe and our sound and is a great addition to the Do Not Sit family.  When we do these showcases, at the end of the day, we’re all friends having a good time and expressing our love for music. There is no ego about who is playing when and we all aim to play the music we love and share it with our fans.

You’ve generally been doing more and more of these Do Not Sit showcases around the U.S. How do they compare to the atmosphere and music ethos of your club in Miami?

The most important thing for us is the sound. At Do Not Sit On The furniture we have an analog sound system. That’s the only obstacle we have when we do our shows outside because we aim to give that good sound experience to everyone.  Other than that, we bring that same vibe, decorations and love in the dance floor to our showcases. When you bring the right people together and play from the heart, the atmosphere is so amazing. We aim to bring this to our fans.

Do you see the number of these parties expand at all or perhaps go international?

Well it’s already gone international!  We have about 10 showcases this summer in Ibiza, Mykonos, The BPM Festival in Portugal, Dubai, Marbella and some other cities. So, yes, they have definitely expanded and I’m so happy to be bringing our sound to everyone around the world.

Cover Photo by Stuart Tracte


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