Becoming a Successful DJ/Producer by Having a Good Attitude

Becoming a Successful...
Author : Jia Wang
February 13, 2023

Becoming a Successful DJ/Producer by Having a Good Attitude

Even if you love your passion and career, there are times when negative emotions surpass. You start feeling rejected, worthless, pissed off, or challenged while making a track or a remix by putting together a mix.

While it’s easy to fall into a slump based on one of the negative experiences, it can be just as easy to redirect your mind and, instead, focus on the — hopefully more — positive experiences.

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A lot of us can think of a time when we faced a problem and we reacted negatively towards it or had a negative attitude towards it and similarly, a time when we faced obstacles and we dealt with them with a positive attitude, depending on the situation and things that derived our attitude. However, it is crucial to maintain a positive and healthy attitude throughout your entire journey.

I think people need to move towards what makes them feel positive; what brings them to think like, ‘Alright! Today is not so bad’. At least I still have this. One trick that I use, although it’s very cliche but I truly believe in it, is that gratitude shapes your attitude. At the end of the day, looking at how far you have come around and understanding where that happy place is, and what brings you into that equilibrium. It can be Ableton for one, something else for the others and for me, it’s actually meditation. Internally gathering all of my thoughts and releasing them, then kind of re-centering myself and then looking back like ‘Hey look! How far I have come’. A lot of the negative attitude that’s found in this creative field is like: ‘We are not going anywhere.’, ‘This sucks‘, etc. When we see our peers and other artists living essentially our dream, and the greener grass, then we start building negative emotions. I think having the step of gratitude shapes the attitude. Moreover, the way you were raised, depending on what kind of environment you were brought up in, also shapes that as well.

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In conclusion, if you feel rejected, worthless, pissed off, or negative, channel it into something creative like making a track, or making a remix or putting together a mix. It’s an opportunity for you to create something beautiful and move forward. In our opinion, beautiful things come as a result of extreme emotions. Art is an emotion. Moreover, this journey is long and enduring. Do what needs to be done to maintain perseverance. Attitude ultimately shapes how long you are going to persevere through this. The stronger the emotions, the stronger the art. In addition, try to read other people’s stories like Colonel Sanders who got rejected 1000’s of  times until he founded Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1021st time, at the age of 70.

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