BE-AT.TV streaming live from BPM Festival 2016 | 6am

Author : Victor Arellano
January 13, 2016

BE-AT.TV streaming live from BPM Festival 2016 | 6am

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Thanks to BE-AT.TV we can experience the BPM Festival 2016 live from the comforts of our own home for the 4th year in a row. BE-AT.TV completely spoils us with high definition audio and video for a true 360 experience of the festival. Want to know if your favorite artists are going to be broadcasted throughout the week? You can check the BE-AT.TV broadcasting schedule enclosed below. The website will be featuring over 16 events and over 60 artists, so there’s bound to be a scheduled time for someone on  your “must see” roster this year. You can stream events live or even get them on demand.

The BPM Festival 2016 brings together fans from 72 countries to experience over 430 artists at more than 80 showcases spanning ten days from January 8-17, 2015. There are both day and night parties hosted throughout the festival giving it’s attendees a pretty versatile party schedule (aka the party never ends at BPM). The exotic and relaxing environment of Playa Del Carmen gives DJ’s and clubbers alike a place to decompress after a long year. If your a DJ finally taking it easy after a long year of touring and making music, or a fan just making your way to some peace and party after the hectic holidays, BPM will definitely give you the the environment your looking for. If you’re not there, catch it live on BE-AT.TV and you’ll know what were talking about.

Enjoy the live broadcasts here: 

See the set times here: