Bartella, Inámo, Raw Main and Timujin Release 4 Track EP on TrueColors

organic house
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
August 23, 2022

Bartella, Inámo, Raw Main and Timujin Release 4 Track EP on TrueColors

Out now is a four-track mixed artist EP on the trueColors record label which features cuts by Bartella, Inámo, Raw Main, and label owner, Timujin. All of the tracks are orientated around organic house and have a magical atmosphere that’s fused with flowing percussion and melodic synth lines.

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Bartella is making a TrueColors debut, but all three of the others artists have features on the label’s previous releases. “Whoever Knows” is the track by Bartella, and that opens the EP up with mesmerizing vocals and uplifting synths that are underlined by jackin’ clap rhythms and a brooding bassline.

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“La Llama” is the name of the track by Inámo, and its modulating synth lines and stabbing intense breakdown are augmented by building percussive energy that’s great for the dancefloor.

“Touareg” is the cut from Raw Main who shows off his ability to hold and build suspense with this mystic track that’s shrouded by murky atmospherics.

Last but not least is “Emotional Blush” by Timujin — once the drums kick in, it’s a trippy cut with a variety of contrasting textures and an arpeggio synth line that emerges from the depths. This closing track hits the mark with perfect, building tensions.

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