Avicii Retires From Touring

Author : Micah
March 29, 2016

Avicii Retires From Touring


Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, has had an incredibly successful career, having toured the entire world several times over and seen his original tunes and remixes rise to #1 again and again. According to Forbes, he’s been among the highest paid DJs for four years straight, netting approximately $75 million in that timeframe. Although the lifestyle of an international superstar DJ may seem like all fun and games, it can take a massive toll on the body and mind – many artists, such as Deadmau5 and Benga, have come forth to discuss the enormous toll that touring has taken on their mental health.

avicii live

In a lengthy open letter to his fans, Avicii announced that he would be retiring from touring and performing to take time to focus on his personal life: “I have strong interests in different areas but there’s so little time to explore them… two weeks ago, I took the time to drive across the U.S. with my friends and team, to just look and see and think about things in a new way. It really helped me realize that I needed to make the change that I’d been struggling with for a while.” He added that he now has “too little left for the life of a real person behind the artist.”

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Although 2016 will see the his final tour, Bergling made it very clear that he is not finished making music. He assures us that he will continue to produce his art, citing a desire to “speak to my fans through it.” The reaction from the DJ community has been ubiquitously encouraging, with major artists such as Steve Angello, Morgan Page, and Oliver Heldens tweeting out their support.